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It will be a shortage if you miss caring about security for your family and assets. The best surveillance systems can help you protect your valuables and loved people from many unexpected scenarios. But choosing a best security camera system without knowing anything may get you in many marketing traps.

You’ve come to the right place. At website “Smart Security Surveillance System, we have a team of security engineers brimming with passion and experience to use and test the products.

We also work with families as well as businesses that are making use of the surveillance systems all over the world to yield the right buying instruction for everyone.

No matter what purpose you are seeking in a surveillance system, we all have a solution for you.

I. What is the best surveillance system?

One functional security surveillance system consists of many components:

  • Cameras (indoor/ outdoor camera)
  • Cables or Wireless
  • Digital Video Recorders/Network Video Recorders (DVRs/NVRs)
  • Cloud Storage/Hard Drive Storage/Hybrid
  • TV/Video Monitor

A surveillance system is different from a single security camera.

Basically, a security surveillance system includes more than one cameras that will surveillance the whole area and save the footage, which you can bring to dispute or when the law enforcement requires.

The cheap security cameras are sole cameras not connecting to any network. These devices are not able to suffice the security needed; so, it is no comparison to a complete surveillance system.
Best Surveillance System Map
You are paying for your own safety and that of the whole family, as well as your properties. You don’t want to economize on such concern. However, you should also save your money from the unnecessity.

That is why we are here to handle you a step-by-step guideline to help you buy a proper system that fits your demand with affordable pricing.

We don’t sell any security products but share our experience with the best security camera systems you can buy on the market.

II. How to choose right a best security surveillance system?

Would not be tempted to waste money on super high-end security surveillance systems that is more than you really need. You can upgrade your security camera system should you want. Additional cameras can be added onto virtually any pre-existing security surveillance system package. Spend wisely, as well as decide the features that will maintain your property, and the people who call up it home, safe.

Before selecting the business security cameras or home security camera system, it is important to think about where the system has to be installed, how many cameras you need, and why you require the camera system. It is not a simple job, and you have to be sure about your needs. Take a look at some important questions you need things to know before buying right Best Surveillance Systems.

  • Do You Require More Than Single Security Camera?

If you choose one or more cameras, security surveillance solution hinges on the layout and size of your property. If you want to know what is happening outside your property or any rooms in your home, you will require more than 1 camera. You have to make sure that the cameras are focused on the key areas you are monitoring.

For Apartments: 2 – 4 camera security system

  1. Catch Thieves/Vandals
  2. Protect Families
  3. Any Suspicious Activity
  4. Monitor Activity from anywhere!

For Home: 4 – 8 camera security system

  1. Catch Thieves/Vandals
  2. Protect Families
  3. Deter Robbery
  4. Ensure peace of mind to renters
  5. Monitor Activity from anywhere!

For Small Business: 8 – 16 camera security system

  1. First, it helps keep all employees and customers honest. When people know they’re being watched with security cameras thefts are far less likely. Criminals want to pick the easiest target possible.
  2. A small business security camera system lets you view the shopping patterns of your customers. This can help you understand where to place merchandise for best results.
  3. Having security cameras at your registers can help solve any disputes. No more fights about the bill denomination used to pay or the change returned. If you have ever worked in retail store before, you know how much of a headache these customers can be.
  4. See if any employee is entering incorrect amounts into the register. Prevent employee thefts.

For Business: 16 – 32 cameras or more

  1. First, it helps keep all employees and customers honest. When people know they’re being watched with security cameras thefts are far less likely. Criminals want to pick the easiest target possible.
  2. You have 24-hour video footage of the warehouse or any storage area. This might pay big dividends if you have ever experienced inventory shrinkage.
  3. In the event of a break-in, you can provide the authorities with a recorded video of the event. This will improve their chances of solving the crime. This makes it easier to report to insurance too.
  4. A full business security systems provides recorded video of any on-site accidents. Footage of the accident can help determine if the accident was legitimate. Prevent intentional “accidents” attempting to get a cash settlement for injuries.
  • Do You Need a Wireless Security Monitoring System?

Wireless security cameras often use antennas to connect signals by wifi. Wireless surveillance system does not require you to know the technique for installation. But the wireless security system has some limitations compared to a normal wired system.
  • Are You Using The Outdoor Security Cameras Or Indoor Security Camera?

Indoor camera are usually smaller, lighter and less visible than outdoor camera. The outdoor camera are generally more expensive than indoor security camera because they are built to endure not only weather elements but attacks from intruders, vandals, and thieves. A lot of today’s high-value security cameras are designed for outdoor and indoor use.

  • Is There A Need For Weatherproof Cameras?

If you need to use your outdoor surveillance systems, it is a good idea to buy cameras that can withstand any weather element.

  • Light Conditions

Most office compounds and businesses are well lit at night compared to homes which are usually not well lit. If an area is dimly lit, the more likely thieves are going to target it. You have to purchase infrared surveillance systems to protect areas with poor lighting. Infrared security camera are also known as night vision security camera. They can shoot and record in total darkness, and they are vital tools in many surveillance areas.

  • How Can Far Or Wide Angle Security Camera Cover?

It depends on the lens size of the camera. So before purchasing a security surveillance system, you ought to see the lens size and focal length the lens will cover. Larger image sensors let a lot of light into a picture and give you a wider and better view of the picture. For instance, a sharper lens can see almost the entire room if you place it in a corner while other lenses just give you a viewing angle of a partial side.

  • What Degree Of Recording Resolution Do You Require?

It is a question well known when it comes to surveillance systems. It is estimated that 720p or 1080p is usually enough for an home monitoring system a single area. If you want to use it for a longer distance like commercial, retail store. It is recommended to choose a higher resolution camera to offer you satisfactory image quality. Currently 4k security cameras is the highest.

  • How Easy Is It To Set Up Remote Viewing?

Each system has a unique way of letting the clients watch the videos the system provides. You should read through your instruction manuals for details. You can use apps that some systems provide for easy viewing on your computer or phone. You only require a high-speed internet connection.

III. Best Surveillance Systems Reviews

During your search for a security camera system, it may be easier if you begin with all of the best ones that provide an individual all of the specifics to help you make your best choice for your needs.
This today article is about the surveillance systems on the current market. We divided them into four main groups based on their specific purpose of use: for apartments, for homes, for small business – retail store and for businesses.

  • Apartment Surveillance Systems

For those who live in flats, security may need to reinforce with a customized surveillance system that can let who’s inside knows what’s at the door and any event in the home when they’re not there.


Surveillance camera system for apartments are typically NVRs which require no mesh network but surf on Wi-Fi to transmit live footage.

Cameras provide a distant security channel for when you need to go away.

Even at the day time when you’re at work, you are acknowledged of what’s around.

Apartments often come with a single-entrance which can be a weak point that needs to secure. A front-door camera will free you from the concern of who’s standing behind the door.

The wireless system offers minimal installation to surveil your home unit. Some devices act as interior to watch over the entire flat when the owner is not home.

What makes NVRs suit flats use is online access to the video, and it serves watching over your apartment properly.


NVR relies on internet quality. You may not receive the signal when the network cuts down.

Most wireless models are costly. But investing in watching the front door is totally affordable and worth the money.

  • Home Surveillance Systems

Safety is one utmost priority for townhouses as the area is too large to keep an eye on.

Houses that are facing the road also face the risk of break-ins. They are in the target of many thieves and burglars.

A security camera system for home provides more than just a remote eye.

With a bird-view system at home, people can now observe around their house from anywhere.

You may need from 4 to 8 cameras to make a complete surveillance system.


Cameras for home use now come with several features like night vision, instantly notify, two-way communication and so on. Those give the houses’ owners the power to monitor their place from afar.

Quality of image on these devices has also been improved. Modern cameras are capable of record videos up to the high-definition resolution.

It as well comes with options of storage and price tag. In other words, home security cameras play a part in ensuring safety for you and your family.

As a part of security concern, many states encourage their citizen to have a surveillance system to assist the authority when needed.

In many cases, the recorded data can provide priceless evidence to charge a suspect. What printed on the image is incontrovertible proof.

The presence of a security system will deter criminal intentions thus making the house less likely to be intruded.

Online surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your property from afar. If any event happens in the area, you can call the law enforcement or emergency to aid the situation.


Bullets cameras can get redirected if the burglars use a stick. Worse, they can be vandalized if the thieves are too aggressive.

The hard fact is that cameras can’t stop the crime. But evidence recorded can be valuable.

  • Small business/Retail Store Surveillance Systems

Most systems in small business are DVRs to ensure stable transmitting signals.

Also, wired network functions smoother.

A network of 8 to 16 cameras can suffice the need to surveillance a small company or retail store.

Countless benefits offered by the surveillance cameras in small businesses where employee thief and stock missing occur almost every day.

In retail stores or small shops, cameras can cover from the open area to nooks given that in a small to medium space.

Most shop and business owners catch their staff stealing company’s properties by reviewing the footages.

Advanced cameras even have the alert feature to draw away night break-in.

Like most camera systems, the devices themselves can’t handle the physical impact. Any attention to vandalize the gadgets can’t be stopped. But chances are you’ll get notified before that happens.
  • Business Surveillance Systems

On a large scale, businesses like factories, warehouses, commercial buildings or car dealers require from 16 to 32 camera units to work in order.

A typical system consists of more than one type of cameras including bullets, domes, and PTZs.

Adding to that is a security team to surveillance in the monitor room to report any suspected occurrence.

The system appears to be effective in managing employing frauds at the same time boosting their productivity.

With huge traffic received every day, big businesses with their surveillance systems are able to manage who’s in and out.

Buildings with large parking lots or basements make use of cameras with LPR license that can control the population of vehicles in the unit meanwhile raising a higher guarding layer to their business.

Such a surveillance system only benefits in all aspects. However, without careful mapping, some spots installed the cameras may leave blind points. That is the definite reason to hire surveillance experts for the most functional camera systems.

IV. Is It Important To Consider The Brand Or Company Before Buying A Surveillance System?

Before purchasing a best surveillance system, you should do a little background information on the company and the brand they are selling. Below are some of the things you should check.

Find out if the only deal in security products or if it is a side business for them.
You should know how long the company has been in business.
If the company’s technical support is in-house or by a foreign call center

While looking for a security surveillance system to purchase, you should keep the questions above in mind and get answered since it is your family’s safety. Never buy cheap security camera system because they may not work as they are expected to. You have to be careful while purchasing your security surveillance systems and ensure you buy the best one.

Keeping safety in mind, you should always choose the best home security camera system that will give the best results and not be considering the price. It is a fact that if you spend more, the better the quality of your home surveillance system.

Buying Guide is dedicated to helping you find all the information you need for home, office or for business surveillance systems, including many of today’s top brands, such as Amcrest, LorexLaViewSwannGW SecurityQ-See, Reolink camera systems to name just a few.

V. Different Types Of Security Surveillance Cameras

It does not matter why you want a video surveillance at your house, be it to keep an eye on your kids or just to make sure your family can rest easy at night. The best type of a home security system begins with cameras. It is practically the same within a business or company environment. The main reason as with a residential system for a security system is to deter thieves. But there are other reasons like to make your customers feel safe or to check what your employees are up to during business hours. Below is a list of different types of security surveillance cameras and will give you an idea to choose right a best Security Camera System. cách chọn đúng hệ thống giám sát an ninh tốt nhất

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

It is the cheapest camera you can purchase. It is usually cylindrical or rectangular and can be put on a wall by using a mounting arm. They are easily seen. Bullet cameras do not have remote movement, and you manually adjust them to give you the coverage you are looking for.

Dome Surveillance Cameras

They are dome-shaped, and the camera has a dome cover. The advantage of dome cameras is that they are difficult to destroy and are a better deterrent to would-be thieves. Such cameras can be in use either outdoor or indoor, and some have motion detection or use infra-red technology to offer better security overnight.

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Pan Tilt Zoom Surveillance Camera

It is usually abbreviated as PTZ. These cameras are often used for the commercial purpose if you want to secure a warehouse area or large store. It can zoom and tilt to get a good look and is fitted with a high-resolution lens, so picture and video quality are not affected when it zooms in.

Read PTZ Surveillance Camera System

Spy Camera/Hidden Cameras

Due to their compact size, you cannot get better image quality, but the main thing of such a camera is you cannot see it when it is installed.

Read Best Hidden Surveillance Camera

2k/4k Security Surveillance Cameras

They are the best kind of cameras to use if you want to provide evidence of any suspicious activity you have on camera. While they are readily available for both commercial and residential use, they cost a lot more than other cameras.

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They are the best choice for most business premises. It ought to be connected to a computer because it does not store information it captures locally. The good thing about this option is that it is easy to monitor one or more cameras at the same time, and can be done in real time.

Simulated Dummy Camera

They are somewhat different to standard dummy cameras, and they look and act like the real thing. Such cameras are an inexpensive way of discouraging vandals, burglars and other types of undesirables around or in your property
A great security system is always made to meet your expectations and usually, work as a real-time deterrent. Before deciding on a surveillance system, you should read and try to get the features of different surveillance systems and also read the customer reviews.


The best surveillance systems is crucial to making you’re your home or business the safest place. Obviously, you will want to keep it that way for many years. You must be careful when choosing a best security camera system.

Purchasing a best surveillance system needs a lot of research, planning and careful thinking. You need to understand what you need a camera to do. You should also understand its capabilities. When you understand all this, you will quickly find the perfect surveillance system that you are looking for.

A security surveillance system should always work as a real-time deterrent and designed to meet your expectations. It should record everything and alert you at the right time. Before deciding to buy a particular surveillance system, try to understand all the features of security surveillance camera systems. Consider all the best options discussed above, whether you want a surveillance system for outdoor or indoor, whether you want a wired or wireless system, this guide will help you find the best security system for home or business purposes.

When looking for a great security system, consider both negative and positive reviews of each surveillance systems. Reviews will help you determine if a product is good for investment or not. You can also compare your current security system with new models, and that will help you know if you need an upgrade. The top brands mentioned above have all the best features that most people will love. Compare all the features and consider what you are looking for, and you will have the perfect surveillance system for you.

Each of the best surveillance systems above has unique strengths as well as weaknesses which might affect the overall score. You won’t find a product that is perfect in every category. However, this guide will help you get a surveillance system that meets all your requirements.


If you have some unwelcome visitors who could pose a big threat to your property, a security surveillance system will help! But how can you be so sure that you’ve just got the right surveillance system and you’re using it properly? To give you the insight into those concerns, we’ve made a checklist of most frequently asked questions below.

Question 1: How to install IP cameras for remote viewing?

Answer: You probably want your security system to watch over your assets from a distance. Not just yourself, but your family can also stream the camera on the Internet. In this case, you should learn more about the whole setup process before starting it out in reality. It would be a bit tricky, but you can choose one from these two methods of remote viewing:

Solution 1: View your IP cameras remotely via a security camera surveillance app

  • Step 1: Download a security surveillance app (such as Reolink App/Client) and install it on your smartphones or computers.
  • Step 2: Have the app launched and type the ID number to add the camera tool.
  • Step 3: Click the camera and you’ll be able to view your IP camera online out of the LAN.

Solution 2: Establish IP camera remote viewing through the Port Forwarding

  • Step 1: Locate the IP Address of your security camera
  • Step 2: Check out the External IP Address of the router
  • Step 3: Change your camera port number
  • Step 4: Add the URL address

Question 2: Is it necessary to replace your present cameras to avail their system?

Answer: Most security surveillance camera systems, particularly Cloud systems which usually provide new features, arrive with a catch: You must use their cameras. In this case, do you have to throw out the current cameras and invest in the new ones? Well, doing so will double up the VMS cost for sure.Try to consult the VMS provider whether they could support your camera brand and type or not. Apart from this, some specific questions should be made as well: Do they support your Analog cameras? Is it possible to mix and match for digital and analog cameras? Etc.

Question 3: Can we get a demo?

Answer: If you choose Sonitrol as a great source for your security idea, then it has several choices to make. But what makes us more comfortable with will be through a demo of the system. A reputable security firm will happily give you a demo, so don’t worry much about that. For instance, at Sonitrol, you can find out how things are working, from the recorders, apps to other security parts.

Question 4: What should we do to get the system installed? Is there any support needed?

Answer: Is there anything required for the complete installation after you buy the DVR/NVR and the cameras? Does it need any networking knowledge or router configuration? Here’s what you should do to get it installed properly:

  • Lay out the cables to ensure them to reach your camera regions. If you see them a bit too short, then reconsider the camera layout or simply get more cable extenders.
  • Hook up all cables to cameras and DVR.
  • Install your camera mounts.
  • Have your cameras attached to the mounts at a suitable position.
  • Hook DVR to the router with the Ethernet cable for Internet connection. But a few DVRs still run wirelessly.
  • If you like to view the cameras, just plug your DVR into your T

Question 5: What is the extra fee if you want longer recording or more cameras?

Answer: Some conventional DVR and NVR systems own a solid number of cameras they support. The first system needs to fit within the budget, but it’s more essential to learn more about the extra expense when you want to add another camera or one more day of storage beyond those limits.

The cost might escalate; for instance, if you’ve got the 16 camera system and then love to add one more camera, it’s necessary to purchase a new DVR.

Question 6: Should we need a hard drive with camera system?

Answer: Yes, sure enough. The hard drive (also known as the HDD) is the storage capacity of all your recorded data gained from the cameras. It can be found right inside your surveillance recorder. As you buy a hard drive with a recorder, the manufacturer will install it inside the camera unit at no extra fee.

Question 7: What will happen to my recorded footage on the HDD?

Answer: The units are often installed to overwrite the oldest footage once your HDD has come to its capacity. When you forget to back any footage you want to archive, then it’s surely lost. There’s no way to bring it back once it’s written over, so keep this in mind. To ensure that you’ve got enough storage, please avail the HDD calculator.

Question 8: Should we use IP system?

Answer: The IP camera needs a network for them to work on. If not, they would decrease the system’s performance. Besides, it’s more complicated to deal with. It might ask you a bit of knowledge in the Network Systems to make it function well.

Question 9: Can you tell me what an IR is?

Answer: The term “IR” stands for the Infrared and once linked to the security cameras, it will demand the camera to sense the IR illumination as well as to be equipped with the IRs. Also, IR (Infrared) is known as the spectrum of light at the end of our visibility. This technology has been availed in a great number of items, from TVs, remotes to sensors.

Question 10: Do the IRs from the cameras have any harmful effect on kids and other animals?

Answer: No, they don’t! The Infrared light here contains a lot of health benefits instead of harmful effects. The spectrum intensity that your IR camera releases is stated to be quite minute.

There won’t be any amount of exposure to those IRs that can trigger harm and illnesses to your kids and pets. Did you know that our bodies produce an IR wavelength via the heat signature?

Question 11: Could the camera be left unattended?

Answer: Yes, especially when you found some innovative choices in the system. That means you’re allowed to set the recorders to send notifications and alerts to you about everything. This can be done through motion, alarm, video masking, and more. With all of these features, once set it up, you can just come in a short time and then go away.

Question 12: Can somebody view my cameras?

Answer: Yes, when you’re setting up many users. It’s possible to delegate someone’s accessibility to your unit if you want. All the recorders and cameras will enable for multiple users as long as they have their login and usernames. They would be modified for limited access and some functions to each account.

But when you ask to open the accessibility to anybody, the answer would be NO. That’s because the unit guards against hacking and other unexpected accessibility.

Question 13: Why should we need the power supply for cameras?

Answer: The power supply is essential to offer the plentiful and enough amperage to power up your cameras. Except for the PoE, you might always need to have two kinds of cables that run to each camera. There’s one for the video signal while the other would be for power. Besides, the DVR won’t power any camera.

Question 14: Why can’t we have audio when reviewing our camera footages?

Answer: You’re required to have a microphone to record the audio. So, if you have bought and installed the microphone the right way, then ensure the audio to be enabled in the recorder. With the right click on the mouse: Main Menu > Settings > Encode. In this display, you need to make sure that the right channel is chosen and your audio box gets highlighted.

Question 15: Should we purchase a pre-made camera system or the separate items?

Answer: It’s based on the kind of system you’d like to set up. For every use, buying a full security surveillance system will be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to go. Another great way is buying a basic security camera system but then add option whenever you need.

Hopefully, these 15 questions and corresponding answers about security surveillance systems would be helpful to you. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the box below. We’ll answer them as soon as we can. Thank you readers to read the article best surveillance system reviews!


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