EufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems Review

Security cameras are now part of our lives just as much as our mobile phones or personal assistants. This is why they also include other features besides protecting us from dangers and vulnerabilities. Nowadays, you can also measure their quality by checking how they combine the right level of security and compatibility with your lifestyle.

In other words, they need to free you from the agony of getting an assault and give you a stress-free surveillance system too. This EufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems Review will show you how Eufy cameras enhance and combine those features. So, get ready to discover all the benefits you can get. 

Benefits EufyCam E Wireless Camera System

The first thing you should notice with this Eufy Cam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems Review is that it is not only a camera. It is a complete system that includes 3 cameras with all the relevant accessories they need to function and get installed. 

eufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems 2

Among them, indoor/outdoor mounts and Home Base stations. Also, all the technical elements such as Ethernet cable, AC power adapters, micro SD cards, and eufyCam Ecards. Once you receive your system, you won´t have to worry about how to install it. 

And, all their features are aimed equally aimed at indoor and outdoor spaces. So, here is what you can obtain with them. More importantly, how they collaborate to improve your life.

Full Outdoor Compatibility

Many of the features of this camera system are aimed at protecting the outdoor areas of your property and include the following:

  • Outdoor type mounting equipment that allows you to install it on backyards, external corridors, door entrances, ceilings, open terraces, and similar. 
  • High-resistant ASA material that offers exceptional UV protection and resistance to summer heat up to 50°C. Also, this material resists extremely low temperatures that may reach up to -20°C as well as rain because it has IP-65 waterproof properties.
  • Night-vision that will let you rest assured that the cameras may detect intruders during the evening. Also, it allows you to control your budget on electricity bills and save night time energy. This is possible due to its built-in Sony Exmor sensor with an f2.2 aperture. 
  • It is 100% wire-free, so you don´t have the risk of malfunction of any electrical cord or wire with external elements. 
  • Wide 140° of coverage that may cover pool areas, big backyards, and the front door along with the driveway. 

Full Indoor Compatibility

This camera system is also suitable for indoor spaces and fits perfectly well with any décor. This is possible due to its neutral color and neat design with ABS material that provides better aesthetics. Besides, it includes other features that make it ideal for indoor areas of houses, apartments, and offices as follows.

  • Due to the two-way mounting of these cameras, you also obtain indoor magnetic mounts for each camera. They require no effort but just stick it. And you can stick the camera to any metal surface too. 
  • The night vision also works inside apartments, houses, and offices, no matter if you are there or not. You won´t need the lights on to recognize intruders. 
  • Small areas can be fully covered with the 140° panoramic view that may cover an entire living room, bedroom, and single office. 

Edgy technology

This EufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems Review couldn’t be complete without mentioning these remarkable high-tech features.eufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems lithium

  • Ant-Theft alarm: This alarm activates automatically if someone intents to steal it. And, what makes it so effective is a 100-decibel sound that can wake you up wherever you are.
  • EufySecurity App: This incredible App is available with iOS and Android and allows you to have live streaming of whatever happens in front of the cameras. So, you can check pets, baby sitters, employees, and any unauthorized trespassing of your property. 
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: This is another way to enable easy and practical viewing of the material of your cameras.
  • 1 Charge per year: These cameras only require 1 single charge that lasts up to 365 days, even if they are always on and surveilling your property. 

Maximum Security

All the features that we already mentioned only make sense to complement the extraordinary and ultra-secure technology that keeps you safe and with full privacy. It consists of the following:

  • Exclusive access to all your recorded footage. It means that it is necessary to enter a special code to the HomeBase and insert a MicroSD card.
  • The data is stored locally, but it is fully encrypted through a 256-bit connection. You don´t need to pay additional cloud storage that might compromise your footage. 
  • The image quality of 1080p is super and provides accurate colors and sharp details to let you recognize faces easily. 
  • Motion detection feature that guarantees the maximum care. 


eufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems night vision

Despite the high-quality of this camera system, there are still some downsides that you should consider as follows:

  • The local storage limits the capacity to only 16GB offered in the included MicroSD card. Besides, the 1-year storage capacity is only for one camera. If all cameras are recording, space gets reduced to 6 months or less. However, you can add microSD cards with storage capacity up to 128GB to increase it. 
  • The motion detection only covers up to 10 motions a day 
  • Night view images are not as clear and sharp as day time images 
  • There is a little lag between the live event and what you see through the App but very little. 
  • The system doesn´t include a cloud storage plan, but you can get one on your own.

Final Words

In short, EufyCam E Wireless Camera SystemsEufy cameras have less time in the market that other models and brands. But this EufyCam E Wireless Apartment Security Camera Systems Review demonstrates that they are not behind in technology and design. They found the way to combine a high-security level with edgy features that make them so practical. 

The fact that you only need one HomeBase to operate and control all 3 cameras makes them even more practical. When you see the downsides, you realize they are only related to software issues that may be easily solved shortly.

  • Product Features - 9/10
  • Quality Product - 9.3/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.4/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.5/10
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