One of the most effective ways to ensure good security is the use of surveillance. The fact that you can monitor the activities going on around you either at home or at your office and even from a distance by a means of closed-circuit television cameras is something worthwhile. And mind you, if you’re going to be doing this, you need a sophisticated surveillance indoor kit like Vimtag Surveillance System Kit 2 P1 | Cloud Box. The Vimtag P1 is designed to proffer solution to your need for a high end indoor surveillance and guess what, this product is yet unbeatable. There are many features of the surveillance kit such as Vimtag cloud storage, the hi-definition and advanced night vision tech, the pan and tilt and the total control that you have over the overall system of the surveillance. You’ve got to read VIMTAG camera reviews on to discover what makes this surveillance the best.


Extensive range of use

Vimtag Security Camera has a whole lot of awesome features but what makes it unique is the fact that you can actually use the surveillance camera almost anywhere. If you desire a surveillance solely for the purpose of security, the Vimtage is designed to meet that purpose. However, it is not only suitable for security but also perfect for pet monitoring. This can tell you the movement of your pets within the house and to ensure that your eyes are on them all at once.

Vimtag Camera Reviews Vimtag Apartment Security Camera

Apart from security reason and pet monitoring, the Vimtage apartment surveillance can go as far as senior monitoring, function as a nanny cam, apartment monitoring, and to top it all up, it can be used as remote live video streaming. This live streaming can be done either with connection to your smart phone or your tablets with Vimtag App. But if perhaps you need something more sophisticated, there are PC app that can work well with the surveillance cam to offer you total satisfactory use.

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Easy and seamless operation

Another reason why you should consider this Vimtag surveillance is the smooth, perfect and seamless operation. The synchronization is quite easy and smooth to run. The surveillance box can help synchronize up your Vimtag cameras, devices such as mobile, personal computer and can function as far as handling four surveillance video feeds simultaneously which will amount to a total of sixty days of storage space ( that is, 1 terabyte) per box. This means that you have a large capacity for storing your files and that you can easily transfer them to your mobile devices or personal computer.

Powerful Hi-Definition

Vimtag Camera Reviews PTZOne of the best features that make this Vimtag surveillance stand out is the stunning HD video quality. The quality size is about 1280 X 960p and has a face to face effect, and also the 320 by 120 degrees rotation of the cameras covers every nook and cranny of your apartment. In addition to this, the night vision is almost as clear as the day. Another cool quality of the hi-definition is the digital zoom which can allow you to zoom up to about four times the actual image.

Use of Innovative and Superior technology

The use of innovative designs and technology also add to the reasons why Vimtag surveillance indoor kit is desirable. There is a Vimtag cloud box storage that can be synchronized up by some smart techs. The innovative design also includes the compact modern appearance of the surveillance, the remote pan and tilt and also the motion detection. Besides all of this, you can actually take some snapshots and video alerts from the surveillance while you also utilize the superior design of the crisp clear two-way voice that has a built-in microphone and speak.

Ultimate Storage Solution

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With the features of the seamless and quick operation of Vimtag surveillance, you don’t need to pay monthly for security camera video storage anymore. This Vimtag surveillance indoor kit has its own cloud storage box that helps you store your feeds either from your home or office. In fact, this makes the use and operation of the camera more effective and easily accessible. With the total of 60 days of one terabyte storage space, you are sure of almost unlimited amount of space and duration which your feeds are kept.


  • The camera cannot display live streaming from all the cameras on just one single page. However, it displays snapshot from multiple cameras that you’ll need to refresh it from time to time.
  • The operation of the Vimtag surveillance seems to require more detailed manual than what comes with the kit.
  • To connect the surveillance kit to your wi-fi may require the skill of their customer support because most users still find it a bit uneasy to get this done.
  • There is also a risk of being hacked into the camera, although this Vimtag isn’t an easy target.


Overall, the features that make up this innovative Vimtag surveillance indoor kit have been properly detailed out. And not just that, the downsides of using the camera are also outlined in VIMTAG camera reviews, so that you can get the full picture of what the surveillance is, what to expect, and how well the surveillance can perform.

There is no better thing to desire of a surveillance camera other than what Vimtag Surveillance Indoor Kit 2 P1 | Cloud Box possesses. You can attach more than one camera to your account and there is also a two-way audio speaker. Apart from this, setting up the surveillance is quite simple and easy and you can use it with a laptop, tablet or even phone. The benefits of using this Vimtag includes watching your dogs or other pets from your camera even while you have the full advantage to check on the house from time to time. The rotation of the camera also aids this function as It swivels around the entire room.

In conclusion, Vimtag Surveillance Indoor Kit 2 P1 | Cloud Box is a rewarding investment on your apartment and home security as well as an absolute peace of mind.

  • Product Features - 8.4/10
  • Quality Product - 8.2/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.1/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8/10

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