A successful business is a rewarding achievement that deserves a protective layer to keep it off the target of many thieves. Large commercial buildings or wholesale trading markets receive huge traffic of foot in and out that is virtually impossible to for even a team of security staff to keep an eye on everything. That is when you need business security cameras to take the duty of observing the entire place.

There are enough options for whether you want to public your surveillance or make it a bit discreet. Find them all here in this article.

Advantages of surveillance system for business

CCTV cameras brings in a whole host of benefits alongside with security.

Do you want to know what they are?

Crime deterrent

Employee thief is an intricate issue around retail enterprise as well as warehouse business.

Having a camera system at your premises put a threat to any form of illegal activity. The recorded contents may present law and infer evidence against any crime committed.

A mindful system

With the technology allows the business owners to monitor activities remotely, security surveillance cameras place peace in mind even when you’re not there.

Real-time streaming footage gives the power to view the commercial unit from afar. You can now rest on the beach while watching your employees make progress.

An evidence collection

Quality records saved from a high-end business security camera systems can provide crucial proof for any criminal investigation.

Evidence from wide angle security camera can help determine time, locations and suspects over an inspection.

In the case of catching employee feuds, the truth might be in the camera hard drive that assist you in solving the problems.

Improve productivity

Employees are more likely to work at their peak capability when they are acknowledged about the presence of an observation.

What you need to design a business video surveillance system

To organize a system for such an ample space, more than one type of cameras will join the network.

A floor plan layout requires:

  • PTZ, Dome, Bullet camera
  • Security camera cable
  • DVR/NVR heads
  • Monitor
  • Mouse

In the observation over such colossal area, you need to cover with a number of cameras from 16 to 32 channels or more.

best business security camera systems professional

A DVR/NVR surveillance system is more suitable for large businesses since it promises more stable signal and data transmission.

Most incorporate enterprises invest a surveillance room and team to reinforce their security layer.

How much for a best business security camera system?

Since security is an imperative need, you may want to know what to look for in an business security surveillance system before having access to this immense power with an affordable expense.

In our experience, a budget from $2,000 go to on will provide you a proper surveillance network that promises quality image and many advanced features.

It also depends on the size of your building to scale the cost: the larger the space, the more cameras, and money to cover.

Reviews of the best surveillance system for business

Indeed, a system for a whole business is not a one-day job. You are likely to dive in the fuss of the camera market.

We’ve done the hard job for you. No matter what business you own, our recommendations will sure help you get the best one in a blink.

Here are our best picks for the best business security system.

1) Lorex 4K Business Surveillance System with 16 Outdoor 4K 8MP IP Metal Cameras, 8 Optical 4x Zoom Cameras, 8 Audio Cameras, 250FT Night Vision

Lorex 4K Business Surveillance System


Lorex 4KHDIP1688WNV-L1 4k Security System

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  • Surveillance monitoring: Only captures the key moments and proofs once any event occurs on your asset.
  • 8.51 Megapixel image sensor: Can help record 4K resolution videos and offer you the sharpest video clips than ever. This means you’ll get the highest details that you desire.
  • Live viewing and monitoring: Take place from anywhere you want as long as you connect to your smartphone or PC.
  • Simpler PoE setup: Goes with other customized NVR settings to make your monitoring experience more fascinating.
  • Weather-resistant housing: Is made of the metal materials to guarantee the durable operation.

Lorex 4K business surveillance system this time can cover up every angle with 16 cameras 8MP. And these business security cameras come with the 4K recording and monitoring resolution. These features let you view your large house, business, and property in clarity as well as protect them from other trespassers.

2) GW Security 32 Channel H.265 4K NVR 5MP 1920p POE IP Camera System for business, (16) Bullet & (16) Dome Varifocal Zoom HD Security Camera – H.265 (Double recording data and enhance picture quality compared to H.264)

    • New H.265 Video compression: Helps you save more space for your data and videos by going through your files and eliminate any unnecessary one.
    • Manual zoom varifocal lens: Enables you to set your favorite view angle and degree of zoom manually. You can adjust from 22 – 115-degree wide angle and the view up to 120ft.
    • Weatherproof: Are specially designed to protect themselves from dust and moisture when used outdoors. They will prevent any damage to the internal parts of the cameras.
    • Simple Ethernet installation: Comes with one single network cable.
    • Built-in network with an IP address: Is given to each surveillance camera, getting rid of all hassles of a complicated security camera system.
  • Motion detection and important alerts: Will leave you the peace of mind when you’re away from home or business.

As compared with the H.264, GW Security 32 Channel H.265 4K NVR 5MP 1920p POE IP Camera System for business has more extensive capabilities, especially when it comes to the bandwidth and transmission. Everything is improved for sure, but more than that; you enjoy more features from the system, such as the ultra HD image quality with low bandwidth and the doubled-up data compression.

3) Lorex IP business security camera system featuring twelve 4K motorized varifocal cameras and eight 2K cameras, 20 Color Night Vision Cameras

Hệ thống camera an ninh Lorex 4k

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  • 4K video recording: At 30fps for each channel out of 16 built-in ports that can provide the video and power only on one Ethernet cable.
  • Motion detection: Works automatically once it’s matched with the IP cameras in the entire network.
  • 24/7 surveillance-grade hard drive: Was pre-installed right inside the NVR. It secures the users to back up any footage they like to the internal hard drive at the same as your video recording.  
  • Pentaplex function: Includes viewing, recording, playback, backup and remotely controlling the whole system.
  • Immediate USA storage: Comes from all of the live videos from your chosen camera
  • Weatherproof cameras: Benefit both outdoor and indoor setup.
  • Glare-resistant capability: Guarantees much clearer images under the powerful lighting conditions.
  • Digital noise reduction: Produces clear and precise images.
  • PC-and-Mac compatible for more flexible usage.
  • Dual outputs, such as VGA and HDMI, which can help connect different monitors.
  • Handy panel button controls on the front.
  • The 3-step remote viewing experience is available with the FLIR Cloud platform.
  • Immediate email alerts along with some snapshot attachments.
  • Durable and solid metal housing.
  • Highly versatile wall-mounting choices to make.
  • Basic and easy installation of video recording and power on CẠTe cable via the PoE.

Let’s protect your asset and business with higher confidence by the use of this professional business surveillance system from Lorex. You can set up these security cameras and get them to work in no time with the help of the PoE. This is an advanced technology that typically avails one cable to power up all cameras and transmit the footage at the same time.

4) Amcrest 32CH 4K Security Camera System w/ 4K NVR, (16) x 4K (8-Megapixel) IP67 Weatherproof Bullet & Dome POE IP Cameras (3840×2160), 2.8mm Angle Lens, Pre-Installed 6TB HDD, 98ft Nightvision (Black)

Amcrest 32CH 4K Security Camera System e1554612011283
  • Extraordinary Quality: Supports 32-Channel (16-Channel PoE) @ 8MP Resolution. Record in Widescreen, Quick Access QR Code Remote Viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android (w/ included Amcrest View app). Includes 16 x 4K (8MP) IP PoE Outdoor Bullet Cameras (3840x2160P) @15fps. Includes 16 x Ethernet Cables (8 x 60ft, 8 x 100ft).
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA HD 4K – Observe high-quality footage with a Sony IMX274 Starvis Sensor progressive scanning image sensor, Ambarella S3L33M Chipset and UltraHD 4K 8M- resolution (3840×2160). A super-wide 112° viewing angle allows you to see more detail and cover more ground to keep more of what you love safe. Power Over Ethernet (POE) for easy installation (POE injector or switch required; not included, sold separately)
  • Feature-Rich OSD: Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons
  • This Kit comes with a 32CH NVR, that has 16CH PoE Ports, 8 4K dome cameras and 8 4K bullet cameras and a 6TB hard drive. An additional PoE switch will be needed for adding additional PoE cameras to your system. (Recommended Amcrest Switch ASIN B073V5377G) Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide with user manual and CD.
  • Advanced H.265 compression technology lets you save on storage space which allows for longer recording times. H.265 technology compresses your video without sacrificing any of the UltraHD video quality. This NVR Requires a Hardwired Ethernet Connection Directly to Your Router to Operate. This NVR Supports both WiFi and Wired IP Cameras. Custom Record Modes (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection) and Record Intervals (1-120min). USB Backup Feature for Peace of Mind

5) Gw Security 16 Channel 4K NVR 8 Megapixel H.265 4K Security Camera System, (8) Dome and (8) Bullet Built-in Microphone Audio Recording

Gw Security 16 Channel 4K NVR 8 Megapixel H.265 4K Security Camera System
  • Ultra HD 4K / 8MP 16 Channel NVR with (8) Bullet and (8) Dome H. 265 HD 2160P 4K POE IP Camera Built-In Microphone Audio Recording
  • New Technology – the latest H. 265 video compression! Offers true Plug and Play Setup, watch you IP cameras in Full UltraHD 3840 x 2160P
  • Free apps allow you to watch your system from anywhere with mobile viewing for Smartphones & PC
  • Features Wide Dynamic Range & 3D DNR allowing you to see clearly in contrast lighting environment
  • IP67 Metal Base / Outdoor & Indoor Uses (Waterproof). Pre-installed 4TB Hard Drive with 2 Year and Free Life Time Tech Support From U. S. A.

Types of business security cameras can use in the system.

You can never take advantage of a sole-type system. A combination of devices may do the job more efficiently.

We’ve witnessed many inspirational designs that use more than one type of cameras.

So, how many kinds of security cameras for business you can find out there?

  • Fixed
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
  • 360 degrees

They all have similar specs but designed to be different in function.

The best solution makes use of those three types in one system. For different locations and needs of sight, you can figure out a model that works.

Types of Business Security Cameras

But let’s see how these cameras fit in a commercial building.

Bullet camera

Lies in the fixed category, bullet cameras stand still to point at a particular area.

In an objective comparison, bullet cameras were more rugged and better suited most outdoor use. Most of them are weatherproof.

However, they are more like apples hanging on the mount that anyone can easily grab and turn them.

Thanks to its toughness to the harsh condition, bullet cameras usually mount outside to surveil such places as parking lots or door front.

Dome camera

The domes perform its best as interiors.

The device has a dome-shaped housing accommodates the recorder inside.

You can mostly see domes installed on a ceiling to provide a broader bird view while remaining unobtrusive.

Speed domes have cameras that spin inside the enclosure to provide a 360-degree view.

These devices are vandal resistant because they stay a bit away from any attempt to attack.

“Smoked” dome cameras have smoked roof to conceal the direction the lens is pointing.

PTZ camera

The cameras have a great advantage for the live guard to monitor.

Since it gives surveillance specialists the ability to pan, tilt and zoom; they usually use the PTZ to cover a broad space with just one camera.

An operator can control these cameras through a joystick, a DVR, software or automate it with a schedule.

Turrets stand on its base in a similar manner like a dome, but the units can get turned hassle free.

Business security camera system shopping guide

There is always a solution to customize your camera system for business if you know where to start.

Pay attention to these buying tips; you’ll be able to list out the criteria that fit your building.

Camera resolution

This is one of the most critical factors that you need to prioritize.

We recommend getting the highest resolution possible for the sharpest image quality. It would be helpless to look at poor footage

Cameras designed for business nowadays have the definition up to 4K. That guarantees a clear and identifiable image.

To tell how high the resolution, you need to count the megapixels. Cameras that offer a larger number of pixels give crispier images.

For perspective, the highest resolution can project footage in 8.8 megapixels, or as you know, the 4K standard.

But keep in mind that more resolution will drive up the storage cost while declining the performance.

8mp 4k business security cameras

Lens Feature

There available varifocal lenses allow installers to modify the image magnification manual.

Until the invention of remote zoom and focus, users can adjust the camera without needing to be at the camera site. They are now preferable on the fixed lens.

Fixed cameras with auto-focus are already in the process since 2017 and promise to be a more useful application in the security industry.


The common types are bullet cameras and dome cameras.

These units work best if they incorporate with PTZ in which offers the capabilities to adjust the field of vision from afar.

It is recommended to group the three types to make the most out of the system. However, it also depends on your budget.


High-performance cameras are supposed to shoot properly in low-light conditions. It is also known as night vision.

Lighting features Infrared LED lights that see the area in infrared wavelengths that reflect the surrounding enables the cameras to capture clear footage after dark.

The more IR LEDs present in the device, the better its view is at night.

Most night vision can only project black and white images. But high-tech cameras are able to record color footage. The color night vision brings even more identities to the saved videos making the investigation more progressive.


A home surveillance system may not care about this elimination of unnecessary data, but camera system of an enterprise should definitely consider.

Compression application helps save space for non-stop recording without missing crucial events.

The technology is quite complicated to perform. It requires suitable hardware to bear the function. Thus, you may need a tech-savvy to consult from.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

The parking lot is such a hectic area that is hard to get under control. In many megamarkets and giant commercial tower, a parking area can accommodate thousands of vehicles every day.

LPR technology is widely applied in many smart parking lots across the country.

It is computer software that has the ability to read the license number of vehicles from digital pictures.

This parking lot monitoring solution lets you know who’s coming and going to raise the awareness of your facility. LPR can trigger the alarm if a suspected vehicle is entering the area.

More than that, identifying the risk allows you to notify law enforcement to handle suspicious individuals.

You can also keep the records as a report to the authority if needed.

If you get busy traffic of parking in and out of the company, LPR is recommended.


Some cameras can pick up sound in the video which can be a plus in many aspects.

But you are considering crowded manufacture or retail buildings where you may find here nothing but the rustle and rattle.

On the other hand, you may like this feature if the area in the field of view is free of such noise. Audio recorded can make priceless evidence in many cases.

Storage capacity

Storing footage could be one of the most irritating concerns for large businesses when non-stop video incoming 24/7.

The solution hinges in the number of cameras, resolution and how long you are going to keep the archived footage.

Although it is possible to overwrite the old footage, you don’t know when it comes in necessary.

There are a number of tools can help you calculate the storage space if you provide the details of your system.

Environmental withstand

Weather vandalism is one thing you want to care about.

For cameras that stand outside, it should equip weatherproof characteristics to resist rain, humidity, snow, temperature and any natural interfere.

Fog proof lens is an important plus to have on the cameras. It would be useless if the footage sees through a misty eye; you won’t be able to tell any content in the video.

Drops from rain also matter. The liquid may cover an important detail. At this point, the cameras should have an incline shade to let the water run down. Waterproof cameras can also prevent the formation of fog inside of the lens

Without the ability to withstand the outside environment, the cameras won’t be about to record quality footage. That may cause you to lose many priceless proof.

Field of view (FOV)

FOV is the area a camera is capable of scanning while the quality of image is one factor determined by the FOV. A wider viewing angle is good but may sacrifice details.

The greatest valuable advantage of a broader FOV is that you don’t need more camera to cover an ample area. But having two eyes is always better than one, isn’t it?

Many cameras have the remote zooming feature allows you to bring image closer to your sight. This is especially helpful when you need to read far-sight car plate, identify a distant object or even recognize suspicious individuals.

Where to position business security cameras?

Setting a security system for a large-scale enterprise is not the job of a non-technician. But you can take references from our experts to map out. Proper placement helps you outfit the system more efficiently.

Cameras usually stand discreetly in corners away from people’s sight but still guarantee an overall vision to the surveillance room.

The strategy to place the cameras must be wise enough so as not to let any person escape the view by moving to a different spot.

This so-called trap protection helps reduce the number of cameras necessary to watch over your facility.

In many case studies we’ve conducted at the manufacturing facility, commercial building, wholesale supply store, restaurant, warehouse, and construction site, implementing cameras takes up work at two major locations — the inside and outside.

Position business security camera system


Interior cameras act as guards to catch employee thieves and remote observers to boost productivity. In other words, they are helpful for both protection and detection.

In an office, you want to watch the personnel at their desks and what they do around the room as well as in the hallway. If there is storage, you can position one bullet at the end corner.

Entrances seem strong but also vulnerable spots. You want to manage all traffic in and out at all entering gates. The receptionist and elevators are places to watch too.

In a factory, the system should adopt the facility operation. It is supposed to provide instant supervision to all workers. The after-hour cameras should document janitorial work and logistics activity.

You want to make sure a warehouse with many shelves has cameras that surveil from the end of each aisle.

Don’t forget the monitored room where your surveillance team works. Knowing who’s in and out this place prevents the risk of leaking footage and many security aspects involved.

The interior includes the stairways and fire exit doors. Many companies leave these area unwatched while most break-ins access from these less crowded places which peril the inside. Plenty of commercial towers equip each floor one bullet camera behind the doors.

Indoor parking lot like a basement is a must-place to position cameras. Giant buildings all gear up with PTZ cameras to manage the vehicles in and out. Besides, businesses should have a system that covers the entire area just in case conflicts occur. Cameras in the basement also give you eyes to watch how the floor staff work.


Most enterprise buildings own outdoor car parks whose entry gate should equip LPR cameras located to read both front and back plates of all entering and leaving vehicles.

Commercial offices with an entrance kiosk may equip a PTZ here. With a guard working along with the camera, you have an extreme security layer wraps up from the first gate.

PTZ cameras play a patrol responsibility are excellent for large areas. It can run custom tours to focus on particular concerns. Positioning these cameras strategically helps monitor large machinery, docks, entry points, outdoor storage, and many other facilities.

Final words

Without business security cameras, you may not be able to maximize the profit due to many loss stolen by employees and anonymous break-ins.

A best surveillance system is a one-time investment that brings endless benefits.

But there is no one-model-for-all camera system; the cost varies on your business layout and many other concerns.

Remember to note out the factors in our buying guide to get yourself started.

If you need help with installing the camera system for your business, contact our expert here.