GW Security 4K NVR 5MP 1920p POE IP Camera System Reviews

Intro GW Security 4K NVR 5MP 1920p POE IP Camera System Reviews

Having a security camera on a property can help in protecting your family and home. When purchasing a security camera, you need to keep in mind several things. Some of the factors to look are style, lens, night vision, recording, etc.

51qwqX82Be4L1The two main styles of security camera are bullet and dome cameras. Dome cameras have a dome shape and are usually mounted on the ceiling in entryways. Bullet cameras are mounted on walls or ceilings.

As the angle of the camera’s lens gets wide, the area it covers also increases. Having a camera with wider angle is crucial especially when you want to cover large areas like larger properties or backyard.

Security cameras with infrared and night vision mode to see images more clearly in complete darkness or low light conditions. This feature is valuable in poor lighting areas and when intruder can quickly enter your home.

Some security cameras have an inbuilt storage or a slot for a memory card. Some of the cameras only record when movement is detected when motion sensors are used. It helps in saving on battery usage and file size.

518JUqRFrL1The dome-style security cameras have the pan, zoom and tilt options. You can also remotely zoom, tilt or pan the camera if you want to get a clearer image of what is going on.

A security camera with higher resolution can easily help in determining what or who is on your property.

Some security cameras have a two-way audio and can allow you listen to what goes around your house. You can also let the intruders know that you have seen them.


These cameras have a built-in 2.8-12mm manual zoom HD lens that allows you to the change the angle of view to 100° from 22°. You can view images and videos with better clarity and detail. The 4MP video has more pixels per frame than the 1080p. The extra pixels make digital zoom more effective. This offers detailed information when taken at close distances and good details when digitally zoomed.

The GW camera record and display high-quality video at Ultra HD 4K or 8MP resolutions. It has a responsive and friendly user interface that can be easily managed, easy display, quick search and easy export of video.

The built-P2P service and a network cable, it has a clean power over Ethernet setup. It is 100% plug and plays. This additional network interface offers a unique IP address for every security camera. This eliminates the problems caused by having messy IP camera configurations.

You can have a live feed of what is happening in your home, and you can record everything. You can also view it remotely on your Android device, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC. Setting up of the plug and play is easy. All you have to do is connect your IP cameras to the NVR. After connecting, download the smartphone App that will enable you to scan NVR QR code. When you have done this, you are ready for live viewing and recording.

This camera system comes with motion sensors which will notify you when an intruder enters your premise or business. There are Email and snapshot alerts. There is also a USB backup feature. It comes with a built-in 2TB hard drive that has a one year warranty. The hard disk also comes with a free lifetime tech support.

510ZsFZo5mL1It has an H.265 latest video compression standard which offers a variety of possibilities. The newest technology gives optimism to the HD-IP camera. It does so by addressing H.264 issues like improving transmission efficiency, shortage of bandwidth and offer ultra HD resolution. When the H.265 is compared with H.264, the latest technology doubles data compression ratio. It improves video quality. This makes the IP camera to offer superb HD video that has low bandwidth. This reduces network bandwidth and the storage size.

It offers an excellent night and day vision. The high-quality LEDs makes these IP cameras to offer 130ft/80ft when there is complete darkness. This ensures a 24-hour protection. The high-intensity infrared LEDs offer maximum coverage. Image quality and IR range may be affected by surfaces that reflect or absorb IR light differently during total darkness. Camera position and location could need adjustments to optimize images.

True wide dynamic range compensates for unbalanced light conditions that caused by obstructions, shadows, inconsistent and backlight lighting. Cameras with wide dynamic range offer clear images in unideal lighting conditions.


The user manual can be hard to understand. Configuring the system can be complicated if the user manual is poorly written.

The camera system has a noisy network video recorder. However, the fans are powerful and keep the electronics and hard drive from overheating which might lead to failure. To avoid the noise, avoid placing the NVR near the bedroom.

The mobile app keeps sending alerts when what is specified occur as motion detected, but it doesn’t vibrate or wake up or notify by sound. A message might arrive warning of motion detected, but the owner might not get the alert on time. An intruder might enter your home, and you might know since you won’t be monitoring the mobile app all the time. The NVR has an alarm which can be configured to make a sound when some events occur. It is loud and can be annoying to some people.

  • Product Features - 9/10
  • Quality Product - 8.8/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.5/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.5/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.7/10


When you have a good security camera system, it will meet your expectation and can work as a deterrent in real time. It should record all the events that occur around your home and should alert you on time. Before getting a surveillance system, you should go through every feature and understand them. You should know if you want an indoor or outdoor security camera. You should also consider if you want a wired or wireless system. The 32 channel 1520p IP camera discussed above contain all the necessary features of a security camera. Perhaps you should consider getting one if you want your home to be safe for most of the time.
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