Lorex 2K surveillance system reviews

Read Lorex 2K surveillance system reviews with featuring eight 2K cameras and 12 motorized varifocal cameras from Michale


-Finding a reliable security camera today can be a herculean task. Manufacturers have flooded the market with all kinds of products such that it has become difficult for the buyer to make a right decision. The issue is that if the customer buys the wrong kind of camera, they will suffer greatly. So it is critical to buying something that works for the long term, one that the buyer can trust they have nothing to worry about, especially in their absence.
-Last week I came across a news report of how robbers invaded the house of a wealthy man and carted away with valuables worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He had been on vacation in a foreign country and believed that his guard dogs and security personnel were good enough to keep things safe. If he had a particular brand of a security camera, the story would have been much different. He would have been able to monitor the activities around and in the house without stress and gotten the situation under control by alerting the security authorities. The product I am talking about here is the Lorex 2K security surveillance system with 20 IP cameras and motorized varifocal lenses.
We have all the reasons to back our stand.


*Why should you go ahead to buy the Lorex HD surveillance system?

-It has 12 motorized Lorex HD IP bullet security cameras and eight motorized Lorex 2K IP dome security cameras. These Lorex vandal proof cameras are ideal for a growing business. It has an outstanding night vision feature.

Lorex 2k surveillance cameras reviews

-Never miss anything with a full 2x1080p HD resolution. It records at a fluid 30 frames-per-second, such that everything like plate numbers or faces is captured crystal clear.

-3D digital noise reduction (DNR) technology which helps to filter out noise for a better image.

-Easy and straightforward installation via Lorex’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. With this, even an amateur about security camera installation is spared of the endless hassles of installing the Lorex 2K security system. PoE video signals are transmitted to the security cameras and power is supplied to the cameras with a single cable.

-The Lorex LNB3373B and LND3374B IP cameras offer motorized varifocal lenses, both for narrow pathways (up to 33o) like hallways and open spaces like parking lots (up to 93o). This feature allows 3 X optical zoom from a remote location using your Lorex DVR or a connected mobile device.

-Remote viewing with the FLIR Cloud™ app available on mobile and computers. With this, you can manage the varifocal functionality of the camera, get up-to-the-minute updates on motion events, and even “hotlist” individual cameras in some locations as top priority – all from anywhere in the world.

-Even at night, you can be assured that the Lorex security system will protect you and your personal effects. With a visibility of 140ft / white+black and up to 125ft / color, we are sure of an around-the-clock surveillance.

Compare resolution Lorex 2K security camera system reviews

2k resolution - lorex 2k security surveillance system reviews

-A final reason to choose this product based on our Lorex 2K security system reviews is an anti-vandalism feature. It has a vandal-proof rating of IK10 which is an assurance that while it keeps danger away, it also protects itself from vandalism.


*Why should you reconsider on buying the Lorex 2K security surveillance system with 20 IP cameras and motorized varifocal lenses?

-The ECO Stratus Mobile App has a very basic interface and could use some improvement. It also takes a while to load cameras and requires a refresh before you can view updates. Users complain they cannot use it with a low bandwidth connection.

-A bit of a scanty manual, making it difficult for a beginner to understand how to use features.

-Poor technical support should in case you need assistance for the product’s use or face issues installing it.

-Some customers have complained about a noisy DVR.

-Only ideal for average outdoor temperatures (up to temperatures as low as -22°F /-30°C) but cannot function in extreme conditions like in a freezer.


-All in all, the Lorex 2K security surveillance system we just had told one thing – here is a device that isn’t entirely perfect but still rocks an excellent rating among customers. Its features are ideal to give homeowners a quality assurance of safety and protection from danger. I would personally recommend it for use in your homes, offices and business surroundings.

-If the man mentioned above had employed the use of the Lorex 2K security system, perhaps danger could have been safely averted. With a remote access system that gives users real-time updates, should in case there is any suspicious activity on their property, the police are immediately alerted, and the situation nipped in the bud.
Don’t be the victim, take heed from our Lorex 2K surveillance system reviews and do the right thing!

Lorex 2K security system reviews
  • Product Features - 9.5/10
  • Quality Product - 9/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.5/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 9/10


Protect your property with confidence by owning a professional surveillance solution from Lorex. The exclusive HDIP32128 security system features eight 2K dome and twelve 2K bullet IP security cameras. Security surveillance is one easy connection away using the included NR900 32-channel network video recorder (NVR). Security cameras can be installed and working in no time thanks to power over ethernet (POE), a technology that uses a single cable to power your security cameras and transmit video at the same time. A sixteen channel PoE switch is also included so you can utilize all 32 channels of your NVR.

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Lorex 2K surveillance system reviews
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*Why should you go ahead to buy the Lorex HD surveillance system?


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