Lorex 4K NVR Surveillance System Reviews

Introduction Lorex 4KHDIP1688NV Business Surveillance System

Lorex has being a reliable manufacturer of video security systems and devices – which are used in many houses and buildings. Today, our Lorex 4K NVR Surveillance System Reviews will give you an insight into one of the company’s most advanced surveillance camera systems – the Lorex 4K Surveillance System.

The review was conducted through a process of careful testing and experiment in various conditions and environments. I myself have personally choosen the 4k surveillance system for business in order to provide you with the most accurate review.

Let’s get started.

Prominent Features of Lorex 4K Security Camera System

NR9163 Network Video Recorder


The advanced NR 9000 series Network Video Recorder is capable of performing real-time recording on all channels at the highest resolution of 8MP, which is four times more detailed than those at 1080p. You can choose to use between the traditional VGA port and the more advanced HDMI port to display the images to your monitor. For me, HDMI is the best way to go with as it offers richer image quality, not to mention that the manufacturer has kindly included an HDMI cable in the package.

The Lorex 4K business Security Camera System supports 4K video surveillance output which produces images in full resolution and at multiple channels with compatible monitors. Moreover, you can perform simple zooms using click-and-drag gesture during live view and playback.

On top of that, the powerful built-in hardware allows the recorder to perform multitasking with ease. You can view images, record, playback, backup the videos remotely using the smartphone app. And though lagging is possible, I rarely notice any stutter or delay while using the system as automatic firmware upgrade is always turn on to guarantee that my system is up-to-date.

Lorex NR9163 16 channel 4K NVR Reviews

Lorex NR9163 16 channel 4K ultra HD network video recorder

Moreover, the Lorex 4K NVR Security Surveillance System comes with a convenient button control at the front panel that gives access to all available features. For me, I prefer using the included remote control for more convenient monitoring of my system. Also, the system features 16 connection ports with eight of them being PoE (Power over Ethernet), which means that you can transmit and receive data from your camera while simultaneously charging it using a single Ethernet cable only.

And to make the installation much easier, the system can automatically detect its compatible IP cameras once they’re plugged in. In fact, it only took me a couple of minutes before I can start connecting all the cameras to the system.

Remote Control Features

For those who usually spend much of your time working away from home like me, the camera system will provide you a compiled video which shows a day of countless actions in just a few minutes. I personally find this feature very useful as I do use it quite often and it only takes a short moment for me to recap everything happened.

Moreover, Lorex provides a list of security apps and software from its mother company FLIR, which can be used for live streaming images to your smartphones at any moment. I usually spend a couple of minutes to take a look at my phone to check if everything is alright. Parents with small children would find it extremely convenient and comfortable when checking on their babies at any time. You can also access the camera system using FLIR Cloud™ video management software, which gives you complete control of your system from anywhere.

On top of that, you will receive push notifications on your phone when something weird happens in your house. This is extremely helpful, especially when combined with the night vision feature that we will be mentioned later. Such a combination will provide you with prior warnings in cases of future intrusions. Moreover, an instant email alert with snapshot attachment will be sent to your phone for later revision if you are busy at the moment.

Recording Options

Recorded videos will be stored on the pre-installed hard drive. And though, the recording time may vary based on lighting conditions and movement in the scene, or resolutions and settings, the built-in hard drive is relatively fast compared to those on cheap camera systems. That’s not to mention the H.265/H.264 video compression feature which can significantly reduce file sizes, resulting in more available space and less bulky files. Moreover, smaller files will result in faster and smoother transmission for remote view.

But consider a large amount of data being stored daily, such a pre-installed HDD might not be enough for you. That’s time you can upgrade your storage with a much higher capacity hard drive, maximum of up to 12Tb.

You can also secure your recorded videos on an external hard drive (or a USB flash drive) using the mirror hard drive recording feature which enables simultaneously back up on both the primary hard drive and the external one. However, I find myself not using this feature very often as it doesn’t seem to be necessary.

LNB8973BW 4k Bullet Cameras

Image and Video Recording

The bullet camera features an Ultra HD image sensor which offers much better image quality than the standard 1080p resolution. The 4K recording will also enable for a more detailed zoom with more detailed clarity and color, which will surely make your video evidence more credible.Lorex 4K bullet cameras

Coming with true WDR rated images, the Lorex 4K Ultra Hd Surveillance Camera System delivers better pictures and videos with greater contrast and dynamic. Moreover, the intelligent compression of saving videos will greatly reduce the file sizes, and thus, enable more conserve bandwidth for other tasks.

And if you’re the one who loves messing with the zoom option like me, the remote zoom & focus feature offers 2.7-12mm motorized varifocal AI lens and provides the coverage of 102-39°(H) field of view. It is awesome to be omnipresent everywhere around your house, and I’ve used this feature a lot to manual check my house before going to bed. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t go crazy about it and start stalking your neighbors.

Night Vision

For night times, the LNB8973BW Bullet Security Camera comes with the Color Night Vision feature to enhance the object recognition in low light conditions. I was supposedly going for a cheaper camera, but this feature got me thinking because it will be hard for my motion sensor to work in the night. And if it doesn’t work properly, I might never have a good night sleep knowing that the push notification can pop up anytime even when a cat walks by (but this did happen with my previous setup).

Moreover, the IR night vision is capable of projecting images of 250ft during ambient light, combined with the ClearNights imaging feature that improves performance in low light conditions and recording efficiency, will be a great help for night time surveillance.

Build Quality

This bullet camera is wall mountable which makes it super convenient to install anywhere around your house. You can simply set it up using a single CAT5e cable connected to the PoE port on the NVR, each cable is approximately 100ft long and is included with your cameras.

The weather where I come from is mostly freezing, so a system with cold climate capability is one of my top priorities. Lorex’s bullet cameras handle the job quite well as they’re made with weatherproof metal housing and rated with IP67.

LNE8950ABW 8MP Dome Security Camera with Audio Features

Image and Video Recording

Lorex 4K NVR Surveillance System Reviews: 8MP dome 4x Zoom CameraLike the LNB8973BW bullet cameras, Lorex’s 8MP dome cameras come with the highest standard resolution of 4K, providing clear and detailed images. Each camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens which delivers up to 113° field of view. It also features the High Dynamic Range technology for better contrast and dynamic in every single frame.

What I love about these dome cameras are their built-in microphones, allowing me to understand the current situation through audio data. But keep in mind that these microphones are integrated into the surveillance camera, so their sound quality will not be as good as a speaker, but they are enough to capture essential information.

The H.265 / H.264 compression technology is also available on the device, making it super simple to transmit and store data.

Night Vision

This one doesn’t come with the ClearNight feature like its bullet cousin and the long-range night vision is also reduced to the maximum of 200ft. But it is, by no means, a bad feature and I find the camera very good for close-range surveillance at night.

Build Quality

Each camera comes with a 100ft Ethernet cable that can be used to connect the NVR with the cameras directly. It is also rated with an IP67 weatherproof that can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C. Apparently, it is possible to use cables of up to 300ft to connect to the NVR as I’ve used a bunch of those for my system and the signals remain strong.

What We Like About The Lorex 4K Business Surveillance System

This is the first time I used a product from Lorex, but my overall experience is quite pleasing. Here are a few pros I think most customers would like to have on their surveillance camera systems:

Excellent Packaging and Fast Delivery

I guess this is because we’re working with the company, not the retailers. And the fact that the package was quickly delivered and had excellent packaging makes a great first impression.

Well-Built and Easy to Install

The NVR and cameras were constructed with metal housing. You can install your system anywhere around the house without worrying that they will be damaged by the weather. Also, they require simple installation because all you need is playing Tetris with the included cable.

16 Cameras for 360o Coverage

All the cameras work well right out of the box and require no further adjustments to work properly. Just connect them to your NVR using an Ethernet cable with the maximum range of 300ft, and they’ll work perfectly. On top of that, the two types of cameras give me a wide range of different mount options and the blind spots can be easily spotted (nice pun heh?).

Simple Storage Upgrade

I find this feature supper convenient as all I have to do to improve my storage capacity is to add one or two 6Tb hard drives and my system will be good for months. Once the storage is full, simply take it out and copy the data onto your reserve drives, then wipe away the data and you’ll have a clean HDD.

4K Images with Great Clarity and Details

Even though the system doesn’t support 30fps recording with 4K, it sure did a good job as a surveillance camera system, providing excellent images. If you want smoother video playback, simply change the recording resolution back to 1080p and it will get a whole lot better.

Lorex 4K NVR Surveillance System Reviews: ultra hd resolution (4x 1080p)

Awesome Night Vision with Decent Range and Clarity

My system is capable of delivering nicely processed images thanks to the advanced IR illumination. The ranging is also quite nice even with occasionally blurry images when being zoomed.

Cloud™ Video Management Software

This awesome technology which enables remote monitoring of the system is a real star. I can check on my house anytime I want on my laptop, PC, and smartphones. Managing surveillance cameras has never been so much fun and simple.

Lorex Phone Support

Lorex’s support service is excellent. I typically receive my answer as soon as I tell them my problem. But on the other hand, it takes quite a long time to get to them due to the long waiting lines.

Flexible Camera Mounts

The dome and bullet cameras prove to be a perfect match as I can now position my cameras anywhere I want while maintaining a good coverage over the area. Dome ones are flexible, lightweight, and can be installed anywhere you want. Bullet cameras, on the other hand, are suitable for mounting on high platforms where can provide it a clearer view.

What We Don’t Like About The Lorex 4K NVR Security Camera System

As much as I enjoy the product, there are some flaws that Lorex should improve if they want to have better feedbacks:

Lack of Post-Purchase Information

The website features very detailed information in the “customer perspective,” but on the purchased side, the overall information is very lack. At first, I couldn’t get the online ticket to work properly, and the instruction emails are not very intuitive.

Bad User Manual

The online manual is poorly written and challenging for me to understand. Not to mention that many pieces of information are out of date and are not complete. This got me really disappointed considering the amount of money I’ve invested in the system.

NVR Software Needs Improvements

Considering the amount of money that I must spend to purchase this product, I had expected that they did something new with the software. Overall, it did do a fine job monitoring the system, but it doesn’t seem to be any different compared to other cheaper systems.

Takes Some Time to Get Used to

For the most part, you will need to spend much time researching the technical information. So, if possible, you should hire someone who is equipped with certain skills and knowledge about surveillance camera system to help you.


Hopefully, our Lorex 4K NVR Surveillance System reviews has provided you with useful information. All in all, I think that this system is a good deal for those who’re looking for a reliable business surveillance system. With 16 included cameras, it is capable of protecting any large business or office.

Also, keep in mind that you may have to spend a great amount of time getting used to the product and its functions. It will be a prominent product if Lorex can invest more in their website and customer care services.

Thank you for ready and we’ll see you in our future posts.


  • Product Features - 9.5/10
  • Quality Product - 9.4/10
  • Warranty & Support - 9/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.4/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 9/10


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