Under $5000: Q-See QT8716-16AA-4 Security Surveillance System Review

Q-See QT8716-16AA-4 32 Channel 3 MP/1080p NVR System with 12 High-Definition IP 3 MP/1080p Cameras and 4 HD Varifocal Cameras and 4 TB Hard Drive (White/Black) Reviews


Be expecting nothing but the best from Q-See IP Cameras. The integrated high-definition IP cameras function impressive 4-megapixel graphic sensor that increases the camera’s effective pixel count. With an increase of pixels, each image is actually larger and clear to get detail beyond standard 1080p full HD resolution. For a more professional security surveillance system experience, the include 4MP cameras offer an array of built-in features that automatically change images for enhanced clearness. Backlight compensation, DWDR as well as Digital Noise Reduction make sure that images appear as crystal clear as possible regardless of the surrounding illumination conditions. Each 4MP video camera also comes encased inside a sturdy all-metal housing turning it into ideal for use indoors likewise outdoors in almost any weather conditions.

The Q-See NVR’s ultimate benefit is the flexibility it affords through its capability to operate and connect with remote IP cameras. This single NVR manages and records up to 16 cameras all together regardless of where each camera is situated. For even more power, this particular NVR supports cameras provides 5 megapixels in image resolution. Easily upgrade the surveillance cameras without worrying about depleting the NVR’s resources. Q-See systems also make making a breeze with an integrated start-up wizard that helps ensure NVR settings are optimized. This particular NVR also features Scan N’ View, a new easy connect feature built directly into the QT View application to easily connect to a smartphone or tablet for quick remote live viewing.


Although the price tag may scare lots of individuals away from this, the ones most probably to want a system of this particular sophistication (and overall quantity) are likely those running a business, where this is more of a wise investment than a toy to watch typically the mailman deliver mail on a daily basis. As seen from the detailed description and pictures, there are a total connected with 16 cameras, and the system is expandable out to a different 16 for a total connected up to 32 cameras and keep an eye on points.

An interesting design and style question comes to mind any time setting up this unit rapid given up to 32 cameras, this unit has 16 PoE built-in. This means that every one of the 16 cameras this system comes with can be plugged into a primary unit with a standard ability to connect to the internet (included) and provide power to the item. And that part is the great rapid only one cable going to every single camera! However , the connection lengths max out with 100 feet, and because you may need the full connection and electric power, if you want to use a coupler for connecting a couple cables together, you can also need a powered repeater to accomplish this. But the interesting question racing, for me at least, is that offered 100′ in any direction, would certainly 16 cameras in that duration over-saturate the area with surveillance cameras? Depending on your layout and requirements, it may work great, or perhaps you may wish you had more freedom in distance. (For ex), in a warehouse setting, 100′ in each direction probably are not nearly enough; in a retail store environment, it may be perfect. )

While this is 32 channel, if you wish to expand it by building more cameras, you do hence by connecting to surveillance cameras already connected to your LAN or the Internet. In this regard, it lets you do provide flexibility to put surveillance cameras at a greater distance rapid basically, anywhere your surveillance system is covered. And to expansion, this can as well accept additional hard drives, for you to contain up to 32TB connected with video recording.

The actual surveillance cameras on here are more spectacular than I imagined we can be. The image quality can be quite clear, even in low light, everywhere many cameras fail fully or get the picture fuzzy or pixelated enough to become useless. Even nighttime videos are impressive, providing a white and black image to make out plainly what’s going on.


The tech support is horrible. The points below are all referred to Q-See tech support, and I got a run-around and was misinformed. The support responds quickly; they do not have a clue on their product.
They claimed that the dome cameras had a field view of 109-degrees which was a lie because its maximum field of view is 81-degrees. I have consistently asked support to name a camera that has a view of 90-degrees, they did not reply.

Great system featuring the biggest weakness being the consumer interface of the menu programs.

The dome cameras should only be fixed on a ceiling, so when I had to attach two on walls, the image was upside down because of movement limitations of the lens. Tech support told me that the DVR would not let me flip the picture, and I had to purchase a more expensive DVR. They were wrong. I only needed to go to the camera support on the DVR and tell it to mirror the image.


As a whole, this is a significant system that provides a lot of overall flexibility and expansion, excellent quality videos and hardware as a whole, as well as for what it is and does, can provide a great value for people who do business owners. Recommended for business and industrial usage, or simply if you have a huge house/property that is needed 24/7 surveillance (say, probably you’re a drug god.)

If you concerned this product to keep safe and security for your business as well as your asset. 

  • Product Features - 9.4/10
  • Quality Product - 8.8/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.7/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 9/10


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