[AUTO-PAIR] xmartO WOS1388 Surveillance Systems Reviews

[AUTO-PAIR] xmartO WOS1388 8 Channel 960p HD Wireless Security Camera System with 8x 960p HD Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras (Built-in Router, Reliable Long Range WiFi, 1.3MP Camera, IP66, 80ft IR) Surveillance Systems Reviews


This is an innovative wireless camera security system coming with 8CH 960p NVR as well as 8X960p HD wireless camera for night vision. There is also built-in router coupled with two well-positioned Wi-Fi antennas. The NVR is designed to make sure there is strong and stable Wi-Fi network connection covering about 1000ft in an open area. In the areas with obstacles, this camera security system is expected to cover up to 200ft. For that reason, installation of this system can be done anywhere inside and outside your house or office to ensure absolute coverage. There is equally 25fps in each channel in real time with about eight-channel synchronizing playback and recording. Indeed, this is truly the best wireless camera security system you need either in your home or business at any point in time to ensure full coverage and monitoring of your property.

The Pros

There are enormous pros associated with this wireless security camera system which made it the best among others in the same class. You will be sure of the reliable and long range of Wi-Fi coverage when you make this security camera your best choice. It can help monitor your business and all the things in your home both exterior and interior part of your house. Below are the pros associated with this camera you need to know:
Ensures Strong And Stable Wireless Connection For Night Vision: If you want to continuously monitor the activities taking place within and around your office even at night, you need this wireless camera video system. It is built with 8CH 960p NVR coupled with 8 x 960p HD outdoor cameras. These cameras ensure strong and stable wireless connection for night vision which is among the pros associated with this security system.

The Camera Is Built To Cover Wide Range Of View Both In Open Areas And Obstacles: Another thing is that the NVR strong wireless Wi-Fi connection offers wild range of view of about 1000ft in outdoor without obstacle and about 200ft in places with obstacles even at night.
The Security System Come With Built-In Router: Another pro associated with this camera security system is the built-in router it is made of.

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The VGA Output With High Resolution Of 1080p: Apart from the great features associated with the NVR and the built-in router associated with this wireless security camera another pro is that the VGA produce output with high resolution. With the 1080p output on this camera, you will be sure of monitoring your property effectively. You can notice the face of an intruder into your house with the help of the high-resolution image output in the VGA of this security camera.

You Can Get Manual, Time Schedule And Motion Recording: You will stand a chance of setting up the recording and playback manually, schedule the time as well as motion recording when you make this product your best choice. That is among the pros associated with it.

Built With High-Tech Cameras: There are built-in quality cameras of 1/3-inch color sensor 960p or 1280 x 960 high definitions. There are 4 cameras w/ 4mm lens and 4 w/6mm. The camera also made with 3D arrays using IR distance of about 80ft and the cameras are solidly made of IP66. Another thing about the cameras is that they are designed with standard IEC61000-4-5 anti-thunder level.

Package Include All The Things Needed By User: The package of this camera system security is loaded with all the things users need to set up the security system. Some of the things included: 1 mouse, 1 user manual, 1 3ft network cable, 8 12V 1A Power Adapters for Cam connection, 1 12V and 2A Power Adapter for connection of the NVR, 8 wireless 960p HD cameras, and 8CH 960P HD NVR.

Offered at Affordable Rate: Other pros associated with this product which made it wonderful and best deal for all looking for wireless Wi-Fi is that it is offered at an affordable rate.

The Cons

Despite the enormous pros associated with this wonderful wireless camera security system, there are still some downsides to confirm about. Some of the cons associated with this security system include:

Complicated Setup: Setting up this wireless camera security system is not as easy as you may think. There may be a problem figuring out the camera on the system and connection from monitor to Smartphone is not always easy. In fact, you may require the service of an expert to help you put things in place for you to enjoy it without the problem. For that reason, if you are looking for easy Plug and Play wireless camera security system this may not be the best choice for you.

The Cameras Have Quality Issues: The image output quality is great but the cameras have quality issues. Some users have complained about their camera refusing to work after few days of installation.

The Conclusion

You need not continue wiring your entire house or office with visible wire when you want to install a security system. That is why you need to look for wireless camera security system offered here. It will offer you quality image output with high resolution and you will be sure of monitoring up to 1000ft when you place the camera in open space. You will equally cover up to 200ft of distance when you place the camera in the area with obstacles. Another thing is that this wonderfully built wireless Wi-Fi camera security system comes with an inbuilt router which made them great for monitoring and capturing of the image.

You can schedule the time you want to start recording with this camera security system. That can help you capture the particular event you want by setting the time. Certainly, you will be sure of watching over your home while you are in the office or even your office at night while you are relaxing in seating room just with the help of this Wireless security system. According to the honest review of some verified Amazon buyers, the price of this camera security system is great when considering the quality and the features that come with it.

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  • Product Features - 8.5/10
  • Quality Product - 8.3/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.5/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.2/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.8/10
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