Firstrend 8CH POE Home Security Camera System Review

Introduction Firstrend PoE Security Camera System, Firstrend 5MP 8CH NVR with 3TB Hard Drive

In the modern days of society, the world is getting more turbulent. You will need the necessary protection to keep you, your family, and your business safe from the worst of it. One thing that can discourage, even the most audacious of criminals, would be a high-quality surveillance camera system which will surely give you the better control over your property.

In this today’s post, we will give you a deep insight into an outstanding surveillance camera system by Firstrend – the 8CH POE. Keep reading our Firstrend 8CH POE Home Security Camera System review to know more!

2K SuperHD Definition (2560x1920P)

Each Firstrend 2K Camera System came pre-packaged with a set of 8 cameras. They are capable of recording footage in 2K Super HD definition. This is the standard definition for the majority of average consumer grade TV, and it would give you crisp images with sharp details in the optimal lighting condition. The picture’s quality will provide you with a better degree of control over the security space, as you can examine down to even the smallest details.

Firstrend 8CH POE Home Security Camera System Review 5MP vs 2MP

Infrared Night Vision

The cameras, like most modern security systems, are equipped with infrared floodlights and infrared sensors to help them record in the dark. Although the quality of the footage would be drastically reduced in this condition, because most unfortunate things happened during the night, this is an essential feature to have. In the specification sheet, the company boasted a 65-feet clarity range for the IR mode.

Hard Disk Drive (3TB) Included

The system is equipped with a 3TB HDD that is capable of storing footages for weeks on end. This is usually one of the biggest trouble to deal with for new security customers, as buying storage space is problematic, especially for those who are not tech savvy. Well, with Firstrend, you’re already provided one to get started immediately. Even more, the system supports up to 4TB of HDD, so you can upgrade its storage and save 30 days continually recordings.

IP66-Rated Weatherproof

IP (Ingress Protection or International Protection) rating is a number to indicate how robust the device is at withstanding environmental extremities, such as dust or water. The Firstrend’s cameras are slated for an IP66 rating, which stands for protection from high-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as dust ingress protection. If you intend to leave some of your cameras outside to watch your front porch or courtyard, have no fear in doing so. It can withstand weathers just short from a tornado.

Smart Recording Mode

Firstrend 8CH POE Home Security Camera System Review HDD 2 e1585193825349

Very little hard drives can withstand the influx of continuous HD footages streaming for 24/7. Even with 1TB of data readily available, they would run out very shortly if you don’t have some optimization tricks up your sleeves. The Firstrend’s system has a data compression technology that peruses motion sensors packed within the cameras. When the cameras detected no motion, the system will compress the images. But when the cameras detected notable events in its lenses, the system will boost up its frame rate to full HD quality. This saves storage space considerably.

Hybrid Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) Connection

In the past, when you want to network a security system, you have to prepare two must-have accessories: a networking cable (usually in the form of Ethernet) to transmit data to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) and a separate power cable to feed the system. With POE technology, however, the two functions are combined into a single, compact cable that can both feed power, but at the same time, transmitting data to the NVR. It technically becomes a plug and play system. All you need to do is to connect the Ethernet CAT cable to the NVR, and powering it on.

Firstrend 8CH POE Home Security Camera System Review 2

All Accessories Pre-Packaged

There will be a lot of cables for sure, and a lot of people fear that they have to sort through the hardware store for the correct type of cabling and having to painstakingly take into account the length they actually would need. With Firstrend’s system, you no longer need to worry about this issue because the system includes 6 coils of 60ft Ethernet cable to help you get started in networking your security system with ease.

Control App

Because Internet of Thing (IoT) has become a thing, most electronic devices take to the virtual space. And the Firstrend’s system is not an exception. You can control every aspect of the system using your smartphone through an app. Moreover, this app can send you alert notifications when it noticed something out of the ordinary, such as a sudden motion. Careful to set this carefully, however, since if you don’t set it up correctly, the chance is that your phone would be flooded with false alarms.

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What We Like

  • 2K Super HD recording with night vision LEDs – allowing you to see more detailed image both day and night.
  • Rugged cameras with the IP66 waterproof rating – allowing outside security, such as backyard or garden.
  • Convenient hybrid POE connection – for quick installation
  • Prepacked with all accessories you might need to get started: Cables, HDD, NVR, etc.
  • Data compression technology – saving storage space
  • Can be controlled through an app – totally free and compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

What We Don’t Like

  • Setup can be complicated for those who had just started to build their first system.
  • You cannot adjust the IR sensitivity independently from camera to camera.
  • There is no Cloud storage for those who love online storing.


To sum up, the Firstrend PoE Security Camera System 5MP 8CH NVR with 3TB Hard Drive is a good security system on the market, though most people might turn to more popular suppliers for their devices instead. But in our opinion, this start-up is doing really well both in terms of manufacturing and customer support. The device is well-constructed and packed as much features and perks as any other high-end security systems out there.

So, don’t hesitate to put this one on your list for consideration. As always, thank you for reading our Firstrend 8CH POE Camera System review.


Firstrend 8CH POE Camera System rating
  • Product Features - 9.6/10
  • Quality Product - 9.2/10
  • Warranty & Support - 9.4/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.4/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 9/10
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