Q-See 2K Security Surveillance System Review


Your home cannot be safe without a reliable surveillance system. So, today we’re here to introduce to you an entry-level system, which we think, is capable of performing almost all necessary surveillance tasks for home, apartment, and office. Interested? Check out this Q-See 2K Security Surveillance System review for details.

Prominent Features of Q-See 2K Security Surveillance System

2K Security Surveillance System Recording – Super Video Quality

The system comes with 4 cameras. They can record videos at a high-standard resolution of 4MP, which is 2x more detailed than the 1080p resolution and gives me better images with sharper pixels and more accurate colors. Combining with the zoom feature, I find it extremely easy to see what’s happening at my front door when my dog walks by the opposite pavement.

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H.264+ Video Compression – Less Storage Requirement

The programmed H.264+ video compression technology allows the system to store videos with reduced file size up to 30%. This not only optimizes the videos (playbacks and records will process in a much faster manner) but also enables more bandwidth and storage space for your system to work with.

4K HD Live View – Extremely Sharp Live Viewing

Although the DVR isn’t able of recording in 4K (only at 4MP), I can still experience the premium resolution using 4K UHD Live Viewing Support feature from Q-See. Simply connect the camera to my 4K UHD TV, and I’ll be able to live stream images with ease. This is extremely useful and easy to set up, not to mention that it is quite thoughtful of them to include HDMI cables on the purchased package.

Night Vision – Recording in the Dark with Ease

Q-See’s advanced LEDs provide an excellent vision, allowing the cameras to see clearly in complete darkness with a distance of 98 feet. This ensures that my family will be protected 24/7. As a result, burglars, intruders or any unwanted visitor will be spotted from distance even at the midnight.

I find this feature very useful as the night often come quickly at where I’m, and having an effective night vision recording feature help me feel well protected.

Storage Options – Security Rated Surveillance Drive

Storing videos on the DVR is quite easy as Q-See includes a pre-installed 2TB hard drive. Moreover, it has an AV rate, which means that the hard drive is built to withstand the intensive use of writing and reading data. This results in smooth data streaming and a reduction in frame loss, and your video will be recorded in the best quality possible. As a result, your data will be safely stored and protected even with constant uses and high temperatures.

If you want more storage to record videos, you can upgrade the hard drive to a larger one. That’s also what I did: switch between my Digital Purple Series and Seagate Skyhawk hard drives to store my large number of videos.

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Remote Control – Monitoring Your Home via Smartphone

The system offers a convenient remote control which allows me to monitor my system from anywhere using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Simply install Q-See’s Mobile Application on my iPhone, and I’ll be able to receive alerts and notifications at an instance whenever something wrong happens. Then, one more touch of the screen to see live recorded videos from the system.

Durable and Flexible – Weather-Resistant Cameras

With the rated IP67 weather-resistance and durable housing on the cameras, the system can be installed anywhere around your home regardless of the outside weather. My system has worked perfectly fine since I’ve installed it, even when the weather in my state can be furious sometimes. Moreover, the robust Multi-Axis mount can be attached on most surfaces around my house and optimize the coverage area where the cameras can have their eye on.

Motion Detection – Alerts for any Suspect Motions

Advanced sensors on Q-See system allow it to detect motions and sent alerts almost immediately. With my iPhone or MacBook connected to the system, I will receive notifications for quick review and action at 24/7.

Easy System Setup – Using Q-See’s On-Screen Startup Wizard

Upon turning on my system the first time, I also got help from the Startup Wizard which provides intuitive installation guides. The entire setup process is simple and only took me about 3-4 minutes to connect to my phone. But you might encounter some technical issues because no guide is complete for all people.

What We Like

    • Great picture qualityQ-See 2K Security Surveillance System offers impressive images with great details and clarity. It also comes with a zoom feature that enhances the detail furthermore.
    • High-quality hardware and housing – Both the DVR and cameras are made of metal. Compared to my last surveillance system which was mostly plastic enclosure, this new system takes a great further step. Also, each camera comes with one durable screw for easy installation on solid platforms.
    • Night vision mode offers bright images with good range – The videos shown on my monitor are brighter and display farther images compared to my old system. The ranging is also good with occasionally blurry images when being zoomed.
    • Frequent app updates – You will be likely to receive an application update after a couple of weeks. You can skip it, or you’d better don’t do that if you want your system to get the latest improvements and better security.
    • Supports a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera – With the system installed, you can add a PTZ camera for more surrounding vision. However, it might not be necessary if you install the other cameras in strategic areas.
    • Included BNC comes with good quality – Not like thin, fragile cables which are often sold with products at low to medium price, the Q-See 2K comes with well-built cables for durability and safety.
    • QC View mobile app is quite useful – As it comes with almost every feature that your system has to offer. I find myself freely monitoring my system using only my smartphone in the last few weeks and has encountered no problem at all.
  • Affordable price – Considering all the features and qualities that the system has to offer, this is a really good price for those who’re just getting in the surveillance camera business and want to add a trusted system on their houses without breaking their budgets.

What We Don’t Like

    • Storage is not enough for long-term use – I find the preinstalled 2TB is available for recording video in only 2 months. It would be better if Q-See adds another one in the system, but considering the price, it is understandable. Moreover, because we can replace the hard drive or copy the data to another external drive, it is no longer a big problem.
    • Night vision could be better – Although the images are brighter and farther, I still feel the blurriness. Just wish that Q-See could improve this in their future products.
    • Doesn’t support push notifications for motion alerts – I was disappointed to find out that my system doesn’t have this feature. But you can find it on the Q-See NVR system, so this is probably the company’s marketing strategy to attract customers to more expensive products.
    • DVR fan is loud – Not sure if this is a personal preference, but my DVR fan is quite loud, especially when it handles heavy workloads. I contacted Q-See’s customer service; they said  that this is normal because more heat will be released when the system has to process a much larger amount of data, so the fan has to run faster to cool down the system. Yes, this explanation is reasonable. Anyway, the issue is minor and I don’t mind it much.
  • Network connection installation is not flexible – You need to run a line from the DVR directly to the router, so make sure it is long enough.


Hopefully, our Q-See 2K Security Surveillance System Review has provided you with the necessary information on whether you should choose the Q-See 2K security camera system or not. In my opinion, this system is an unpolished gem that, if receives proper improvements, can become a tough contender in the best security camera system for home on the market.

So, should I buy it? Yes, and I really did. You won’t find many products on the market at this kind of quality and price. But keep in mind that you might need to spend some time working with the customer support service. And if you’re still inexperienced in this sort of thing, ask a professional for all installation steps if you don’t want to waste your time.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.


  • Product Features - 9.3/10
  • Quality Product - 9.1/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.4/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 9.5/10
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