Reolink 2k POE Security Camera Reviews

Intro Reolink 2k POE Security Camera Reviews – 8ch 4MP PoE NVR Kit 4 Bullet 2K Surveillance

Technological advancements continue to push the frontiers, ushering new and improved inventions with staggering features and functionalities. The Reolink 2K POE surveillance system and security system are one of such amazing inventions with amplified features and technology offering an astounding 1440p which are the equivalent of 4 megapixels.

Unarguably, power over Ethernet surveillance camera offers incomparable video quality in super high definition. POE typically offers dual functionalities, transmitting both electricity and data through the cables. Installation of POE is very easy and can be fixed in a very short period of time.

Reolink 2k POE Security Camera comes with the Reolink software, which offers an integrated approach to security and surveillance. The software is compatible with iPhone and mac which allows you to use the mobile and digital device as controls. This gives you a great deal of convenience as you can store and replay surveillance footage in the highest HD resolution completely stress-free. Reolink has streaming features which means that footage can be uploaded life as they are happening. After using the product for more than 60 days, I can categorically point out that the product is durable offering uninterrupted functionalities with unparalleled superiority.

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Wide angle lenses with IR LEDs: when you have a combination of the aforementioned features, you can be certain that your security is topnotch quality. Wide-angle lenses are particularly effective in capturing the most imperceptible movement with HD footage that provides astounding clarity. Equipped with IR LEDs sensors, Reolink security camera offers impeccable coverage with ranges that extend past 40 feet from the house for effective nighttime surveillance. While the cameras make an automated switch from colored footages to black and white when power lowers, the IR LEDs functions correspondingly producing red radiation.

When you get the NVR set, you would find that it has great aesthetic value, with a variety of catchy appearance that would beautify the home. Nonetheless, I produce a little bit of sound when operating which would be intrusive. The strategic placement of the NVR can help overcome this challenge easily. If the NVR is placed close to your TV or other entertainment appliances, you can expect the sound from the NVR to be covered completely. Mouse control also has to be kept in a place that is easily reachable, especially when you would like to use operate the NVR often.
The client app and software offers expedient controls functionality and can be used for effective recordings. It comes with an arrangement that allows for instant notification on your email. You may have to deactivate the email response as the sensitivity of the camera picks up the tiniest movement which translates into a flood of emails. Decreasing the motion sensitivity would still generate many emails of pictures and movements. It comes highly recommended that you use this app for tiny areas with minimal activity or else you would be flooded with notifications.

All things considered, POE remains a preferable option than wireless IP camera equipment. POE offers a lot of superior advantages than the latter. The cable of POE offers dual functionalities communicating data and supplying electricity to the cameras. This technology completely eliminates the need to run wires. Poe provides the NVR unit with both electricity and data connectivity. POE eliminates worries about wireless signal strength between your router and cameras. The set comes with 60 feet of wire which was sufficient for putting it in place. Nonetheless, for a purpose that requires extra cable, you can always purchase a set with all of the wires ending at the individual connector for POE installation.

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Fixing the POE cables very easy and does not require an expert or technician to handle. You would have to poke openings in the walls and run cables through. it does not require any specialized operation to implement. However, if you are too preoccupied or just uncomfortable with the whole idea of doing the fittings yourself, then you can hire someone to help out.


The downsides are not very few. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you are acutely aware of them before you make a purchase decision. The quality of HD footage provided by the camera is remarkably clear. However, it does not meet up with regular HD television clarity.

The intrusive sounds from the DVR are also something you may want to consider. While the sound can be managed by placing the DVR in a distant location or by saturating it with sound from other appliances, the fact still remains that it produces intrusive sound when operating.


Reolink 2k POE Security Camera Reviews offers topnotch quality security camera systems that are efficient, durable and highly functional. Reolink Home 2k POE Security Camera System  is best choice.

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