Swann NVR Security System Reviews (SWNVK-873004)

Nowadays people prefer web-enabled cameras. Most of the cameras are designed for indoor use, have 1080p resolution, and needs WIFI to connect to the internet. Most also have a cloud-based recording. There have been many technological advancements in surveillance cameras, and Swann has provided a DIY professional security camera.

One of the Swann’s Platinum series is the Swan SWNVK-873004 HD security system. It was designed to be DIY surveillance system. It has an imaging technology that has 9x sharpness than a conventional security system for home. It has an eight-channel and 3 MP network video recorder. It has a hard disk of 2TB. The security surveillance has four PoE 3 MP bullet cameras. These cameras are weatherproof. Apart from that, Swann comes with a mouse, Ethernet cables, mounting hardware, and HDMI cable. These things make it easy for you to install the system. In article Swann NVR Security System Reviews, we go to pros as well as cons of product:

Pros of using the Swann NVR Security Camera System SWNVK-873004

  1. It comes with many extras

The swan comes with several features that we need for a good security system. These include:

  • Theft-deterrent Stickers
  • Power adapter
  • Mouse
  • 2 TB hard disk
  • HDMI cable
  • Eight channel NVR
  • Four 3MP cameras
  • Five cat5e Ethernet cable
  • Operating instructions
  • Mounting plugs and screws
  1. Easy installation

The Swan SWNVK-873004 is designed for easy installation. Since it’s a PoE, one cord run to every camera. When the Ethernet cables are pulled to where they are required, you just have to connect the two and then mount cameras.

Swan comes with four 60 foot cables for Ethernet connection between the NVR and the cameras.

  1. Comes with amazing cameras
Swann 2k Security System Reviews1The Swan comes with a 3MP camera that is weather-proof and is a bullet camera. The camera has a housing coated with powder and made of aluminum. The camera has IP66 weather-resistant rating. It is ideal for use in outdoor and indoor. The 3MP camera offers 50% better resolution than the regular 1080p. The field of view for the cameras is 80°. It comes with built-in microphone and IR cut filters that offer night vision of 100ft/30m.
  1. Has NVR controller with eight channels

The controller has status LEDs showing hard drive activity, power and LAN activity/connectivity. It has a USB port in which you can connect a USB drive or thumb drive for archiving or downloading a recorded video.

Swann NVR Security System Reviews1

On the back, it has an audio out, power port, USB port for mouse, LAN port, VGA and HDMI for viewing recorded or live video, PoE Ethernet ports, and eSATA.

  1. Swann NVR/DVR software

With the software, the cameras are detected automatically. You can name every camera and set up different settings on each camera. You can set individual camera’s frame rate, resolution and max bitrate save on hard drive space.

You can set schedules for an individual camera as to how and when they record. A camera can be configured to record continuously, record when motion is detected and record depending on time or location.

  1. Has a link app that allows for remote viewing

You can quickly view the video feed from a smartphone or tablet using their SwannView link app. The app rarely crashes and is well-polished.

You can control one or several cameras, and you can record videos or capture still photos with just one click. You can change from one location to another or several cameras at a time.

  1. Offer the best security

There has been news about Russian and Chinese websites stealing accessing video feed from surveillance cameras and sharing the videos publicly for everyone to see and it can be worrying. You can change the password and username for the system if you don’t want unauthorized access. There has been a debate on how safe surveillance cameras are and Swan is one of the best.

  1. Stellar Video quality

The installation process such as pulling wires, mounting cameras while standing on the ladder and setting of the software might seem tedious, but the video quality is impressive. Perhaps it could be the best that you have ever seen, and all the effort will be worth it. The cameras have a 3MP resolution, and it can capture every detail such as the intruder’s vehicle type, face, and license plate. This could be easy for police investigation should an intruder enter your home.

We have mentioned above that you can easily export videos to a hard drive or thumb drive for evidence or archiving purposes.

Cons of using the Swan HD Security Camera System SWNVK-873004

Swan NVR has very few negatives. These drawbacks are minor, and most people won’t see it as a big deal. Here are the disadvantages of using the Swan SWNVK-873004;

Noisy cooling fan

The control unit of the cooling fan is loud. If someone has to avoid the noise, the fan has to be stored inside a closet, and the doors are kept closed all the time.

Less polished computer application

When you see the SwannView Link app, you will notice that the control and viewing features are the same as that of the mobile application. The software is functional, but not well-polished like the mobile app.


The setting up and installation of the system might take several hours or days and then try to understand the software interface might add more time. However, all these efforts are worth it. The Swan NVR Security System SWNVK-873004 offers an excellent video quality. The surveillance system is also capable of recording continuously for several weeks. These are the two best features of this system.

It has simple DIY design and can help in saving money that could have been used in hiring professional to install. You can save on the installation cost by doing it for yourself. When you get to use the camera, you will realize that the Swan SWNVK-873004 is the best security surveillance system you can ever have.

I can never overemphasize the benefits of using this surveillance camera. The best way to know the importance of this surveillance system is by getting one for yourself. Purchase one of these, and you will have invested wisely in the security camera. Your home will remain secure all year long as the camera will capture every detail.


Swann SWNVK-873004 Ratings
  • Product Features - 8.9/10
  • Quality Product - 9.1/10
  • Warranty & Support - 9.1/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 9.2/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.5/10
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