ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD Security Surveillance System Reviews

With the increasing needs for protecting our outdoor and indoor property, installing a security camera system is considered a practical and economical solution.

However, it’s not always easy finding yourself a suitable product considering there is already an endless lineup of different systems on the market.

With that being said, we believe that it’s essential to provide you with information about a trusted surveillance system.

In this ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD Security Surveillance System reviews, we will show you why this is what you need for a camera system.

Why you need a DVR system?

DVR, aka Digital Video Recorder, is the device used in recording footage to a disk drive.

This camera system has become more prevalent nowadays thanks to their impressive conveniences and functionality.

With capable built-in hardware, DVR can perform and manage multiple processes of recording videos.

From here, users can have all their protective system under controlled under a single unit.

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Better than that, you can supervise your camera system via smartphones, PCs, and other devices. This makes it extremely convenient for those who want to watch their house from afar.

The system is also multi-functional as they’re built to manage, process, and supervise the cameras as well as recorded data.

This reduces the hassle for installing and managing your camera system compared to traditional surveillance systems.

In other words, the DVR camera system is undoubtedly an ultimate choice.

That said, we’d like to introduce one outstanding product that went through our test.

All specs we will cover in this ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD security camera system.

Don’t skip the best part.

ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD Security Surveillance System Reviews

What we liked

Fully-equipped package

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ZOSI has been quite generous by providing 8x 60ft BNC cables for your cameras. It is adequate for your wiring system while delivering the best possible image quality.

Moreover, you have 8 mounting screw bags for installing your cameras wherever you want. This is something that we don’t often see in many products. It is a big thumb up for ZOSI.

To provide users with a decent recording capacity, the manufacturer has preinstalled a 2TB hard drive on the DVR system. This should cover most standard surveillance activities to function correctly for months.

If you want more data storage, just set up a new hard drive.

Last but not least, the package includes a USB mouse. It is a handy plus for configuring the system in case you don’t have a spare mouse.

High-quality cameras

Each camera is equipped with a fixed 3.6mm lens and a viewing angle of 95°.

Hence, your system is capable of delivering quality images from distances.

This is extremely crucial as your system needs a broad coverage to ensure effective surveillance activities.

Besides, the Night Vision feature that comes with 36 high-intensity IR-LEDs allows the cameras to see up to 1,000 feet in the dark. The feature is able to witness whatever happens in the range at night and can become valuable in certain circumstances.

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These cameras bring in the motion detection which sends you alerts whenever they detect movements.

To reduce chances of false alarms, users can set up a customizable motion detection zone that will notify more accurately what you want to know.

Moreover, each camera can record in different modes. Those include continuous, motion, and schedule.

In particular, the cameras can set up time and turn off when it’s not necessary. You can modify them to match your business and ensure your system consumes less electricity while remaining reliable.

With high-quality IP67 metal housing, the camera is weatherproof. It can work like a charm in different conditions, outdoor and indoor.

The durable housing would also reduce the possibility of vandalism. Users can mount their cameras anywhere they want.

Reliable video recorder

The system is capable of recording videos at 5 Megapixel Super High Definition, which is 2.5x as much as the normal 1080P Full HD standard. That means ZOSI surveillance cameras offer sharp and crisp images with a fair amount of details to serve as solid evidence in future disputes.

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Image quality during low light conditions is a major improvement compared to other camera systems that we’ve tested. You can perform certain commands like zoom in and out without losing too many pixels.

Making use of branded BNC cables, the system provides a consistent transmission that guarantees video quality. You are not likely to experience inconsistent footage like in most wireless networks.

Impressive features

One of the best things about this ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD Security Surveillance Camera System is that they can connect to the Internet. Thus, it lets users access the system using their smart devices.

With the ZOSI security cameras system, users can manage their system with ease.

Through the Remote Operation feature, homeowners can connect to the surveillance system using their smartphones, PCs, or laptops.

This makes the data relatively easy to track while you’re away. Also, you can program the system to send emails and phone notifications if it detects any suspicious movements.

One more plus point is the ZOSI View app that can provide a live view of your cameras. You can download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With a few steps configuring, you can have an eye on your property from a distance at any time.

Stream images to your TV/Monitor using the HDMI cable is now possible on this ZOSI camera model.

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The mean is for more efficient supervision of your home or business. This wired connection is proven to be more stable than the wireless one.

Better than that, the system supports Ultra-Long Continuous Recording which ensures your house under supervision in real-time transmission. With the automatically overwrite feature, the oldest recorded footage will be replaced by new ones right when the storage capacity has run out.

Otherwise, you can back up your data using the USB connection to a memory stick or external hard drive. That way, your recorded videos are always available for review.

However, that should be the last thing to worry about as the ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD surveillance system since it comes with the advanced H.264 video compression technology.

This huge enhancement supports the total capacity of the pre-installed 2TB hard drive, thus making it available to use in an extended period.

Great for home uses

With a relatively inexpensive price, the ZOSI security camera system is one of a few best choices for home uses.

It comes with 8 high-quality cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor recording.

You can install it around your property making it under proper surveillance. The durable housing also makes it capable of recording in different weather conditions.

Additionally, the system provides a wide selection of different features for the efficiency of experience. In this case, you can take whatever going around your assets under your view.

Easy installing

You may need some help to hang the cameras in the high ceiling or hidden corners.

But nothing is easier than the configuration on this system.

Everything will be ready once you plug-in all the wire, turn on the screen and Ta-da, all you want to watch is in front of you.

A few features will need modifications, but all are in the instructional booklet. We got the whole system work in one morning working non-stop.

What we didn’t like

No dome cameras

Although the bullet cameras work effectively, having a few extra dome cameras would make your system a lot more completed.

Credited to their unique design, dome cameras can blend into the environment. They help to conceal your system from intruders.

Sadly, the disguise devices are not included in this set of the surveillance system, which we think is a miss.

The website interface is not responsive

We took this a bit personal because we expected a better UI on their website interface.

It took a long period to load the online install instruction for this product. Not to mention that we weren’t able to find the guides for sending pictures to our emails.

However, the customer support has been making us happy as they helped one of our testers configure his system and lagging transmission within minutes.

The decision is yours

Having a surveillance camera system installed around your house should be one top priority for any homeowner.

This ZOSI 8CH 5.0MP HD security surveillance system has worked for us for months. We haven’t detected any severe dissatisfaction from it.

Since we have gone through a number of security camera systems, ZOSI hasn’t failed us in many vital aspects in term of protecting our home and business. We believe you will find the same contentment too.

Hope this intensive review has provided you with enough information to decide whether it is the right product for you.

  • Product Features - 9/10
  • Quality Product - 8.8/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.5/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.7/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8/10

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