Amcrest 4K 8CH Security Camera System Reviews

Having a decent camera system installed is probably the most practical and economical way to protect your home. Which is why it’s a constant need for homeowners to look for good products that they could rely on has been growing. However, it’s not easy finding a good system for your home among thousands of products from different manufacturers. Not to mention that each product has its own technical features that make it almost impossible for beginners to understand.
With that being said, we’ve conducted hundreds of researches on products from different brands. Thus, reserve you only the best in this Amcrest 4K 8CH Security Camera System reviews.

Why you need a PoE system?

According to general belief, most security camera systems are often bulky and messy makes it almost impossible for users to operate.
That might’ve been correct in the past, but now, since we’ve had PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera systems, things have become much more accessible.
Using the most advanced transmission and power technologies, PoE systems provides both internet connection and power for the camera to operate. Thus, no messy and hard-to-manage wired systems.
All the cameras will be connected to an NVR, which works as a controlling center.

It’ll process all the recorded data and allows users to control the system using internet connection.
Thus, you can freely manage all the cameras in your hand using nothing but your smartphones.
Sound interesting? Can’t wait to try one of these on your house? In that case, the Amcrest 4K Surveillance System should be a good recommendation for you.

Amcrest 4K Video Security Camera System reviews

Our comprehensive reviews of the Amcrest 4K Security Surveillance System will provide all the pros and cons of the product. Therefore, you can decide whether you should purchase it for your property.
The provided understandings would also be helpful when scouting other systems.

What we liked

Fully equipped surveillance system

Most of us always try to purchase the whole package to ensure there isn’t any missing during the installation. Amcrest has done a great job providing all the essential equipment for easy configuration.
The package comes with a 4K 8-Channel PoE NVR that’s perfect your camera management. You can set up an internet connection to your router, enabling wireless control and online management over your surveillance system.

There are a total of 8 cameras (4 Amcrest outdoor camera and 4 indoor cameras), which are more than enough for different setups. Each can be connected to the NVR and powered using the included Ethernet cables.
The provided cables (4 x 6 feet Cat5 and 4 x 100 feet Cat5 Ethernet Cables) come in different lengths. It allows you to customize your camera system comfortably.
Another thing that we rarely see in products from other brands is the pre-installed 4TB hard drive.
Since normally you would have to pay an extra for hard drives, the Amcrest equips you with a high-quality Seagate Barracuda. 4 TB would be enough to keep your system recorded for a decent amount of time.
The manufacturer is also kind enough to give us a USB Mouse for easy configuration of the system. It’s very convenient, especially when you’ve just started to assemble all the parts to the Amcrest NVR.
Plus, there is also a comprehensive user manual and instruction CD for simple installation.

Convenient features

All the recorded videos are tagged with camera name, time, and record status, which makes it more convenient for tracking and revision.
You’ll know the exact when and where the events happened. These data would serve as perfect evidence for future disputes.
The system supports video playback and lives view up to 8MP at 30fps, which makes it great for security activities.

Amcrest 4K 8CH Security Camera System reviews bullet e1548332307478

Recorded videos can be revised for further surveillance with record intervals up to 120 minutes.
In additions, users can manage their system effectively using the motion detection feature.
You can program the cameras to only record when they detect motions. This would help save energy and storage space ensuring efficient surveillance sessions.
Footages can be zoomed in by simply changing the camera aperture with little reduction in video quality. You can view more details using these features.
Once the system discovered suspicious activities, such as a sudden motion, you’ll be notified via Emails, Video Push, FTP, Buzzer, or whatever of your choosing. Moreover, users can also use their smartphones to supervise the camera system using their internet connection.
Using the advanced H.265 compression technology, Amcrest security camera system provides a longer record capability.
Moreover, though the data is compressed, video quality won’t be reduced. You’ll receive impressive 4k videos without scarifying any quality.
Plus, all the records can be backup using an external USB so even the most skeptical users should have peace of mind.
Each camera is rated with IP67 for indoor and outdoor weatherproof. Combined with metal housings, the cameras are built to survive in any conditions. During our tests, the system never failed to deliver clear footages despite the weather condition.

Impressive images quality

The cameras are capable of delivering impressive 4K images with varied framerates. You’ll get 15fps videos using the dome cameras, and 30fps on the bullet ones. It would be more than enough to deliver clear and crisp visual clues for security purposes.
Using high-quality throughput of 80Mbps, the system enables you to live viewing things as they happen in real time, and at an impressive quality either.

We highly recommend watching live streams at 1080p since it would provide the most consistent performance.
Higher quality throughputs have also been put to the test and they do perform significantly better even in 4K resolution.

But you should consider your options depending on your budget. Furthermore, the included Ethernet cables are more than enough for standard surveillance appliances.
The Amcrest 4k Security Surveillance Camera System comes with progressive scanning image sensors. They deliver better image quality than the standard interlacing systems even in the same resolution. Thus, you can enjoy the true UltraHD 4K resolution.

Amcrest 4K 8CH Security Camera System reviews dome e1548332174779

With an ultra-wide viewing angle of 112°, each camera provides substantial coverage of the surrounding area. You’ll see more details and have better protection over your properties.
In addition to that, every camera comes with a night vision sensor. It surprised us to look at the distance of night surveillance up to 98 feet. You can keep your home safe even in the unpredictable darkness.

Simple installation and control

Using the preferred PoE connection, the system is not only energy efficient but also fairly easy to install.

Since each Ethernet cables can transmit both data and power, you can have more convenient wiring solutions.
The dome cameras which comes in a stylish compact size design, are perfect for mounting on ceilings. With esthetic looks, they can blend themselves in your interior design.
On the other hand, the bullet cameras can be easily mounted on walls making them effective thief detectors. You can place them anywhere depending on your preferences.
Apart from the wiring and camera setup, most users can perform simple configuration on the system on their own.
With the convenient Plug & Play mechanism, the system will work perfectly once you’ve connected all the Ethernet cables to the NVR and giving it some electricity. For further instruction, you can watch the included CD for more detailed settings and tweaks.
The NVR comes with a user-friendly operating system which is quite accessible even for the beginners.

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Everything is pretty much transparent and you can choose to do anything with your system.
Moreover, users can install the Amcrest View – a proprietary smartphone application for managing the system from Amcrest, to view their cameras.
Just a quick scan of the QR code on the NVR is enough for you to gain access to the system.
Thus, you can schedule the system or manage individual cameras with ease.

Safety certificate

It’s ok to be skeptic about the products that we’re going to purchase. Especially for the kind of money that we’ll have to pay for it.
Along with the cost of the products, there are also expenses for hiring electricians and other technical support to help you with the setup and installation of cameras. Thus, it’s reasonable for consumers to expect a lot out of their purchase.
With that being said, you could rest assured with the Amcrest Security Cameras since their systems do come with CE & FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies.
Not to mention that all purchased products are guaranteed for a full year with US Support and US Warranty.

What we didn’t like

For the installation of the system, you’ll need to purchase separate PoE injectors since it’s not included in the package.

It’s quite inconvenient since they’ve already included the Ethernet cables. However, you should be able to get all the required items in any of your local electric stores.
Getting familiar with the smartphone application can be quite a task for beginners as there are varieties of different options.
It took us quite some time to get used to all the functions and features it has to offer. So if you’re still new to this, it’s best to get some technical support from Amcrest.
One thing we’ve noticed after an extended use of the system is the lack of storage space. The 4TB hard drive, though might seem like a lot for some of you, wasn’t enough to complete our demanding test of constant recording.
However, since you can install additional hard drives to the system, this proves to be a minor problem. Not to mention that most of the tests that we conducted are at 4K resolution.
For those who’re planning to install the system in a wide area, it’s necessary to test the cameras at maximum cable length before begin wiring.
You should be aware that most CAT5 cables will work fine under the length of 60ft. So cameras that are using longer Ethernet cables might not receive enough power to work properly.
Though the included Ethernet cables are considerably better and thicker than the average CAT5, they’re still technically CAT5, so you might encounter some problems installing the system on a vast area.
With that being said, you should test your system first before any further installation. If the images quality is reduced or the cameras don’t work properly, it’s necessary to switch to a CAT6. Its thicker gauge would prevent any chance of having voltage drops.
However, you shouldn’t be worried yet since this is not always the case. And the included cables should be enough for most surveillance systems.
One more thing, during our tests, the dome cameras didn’t perform very well at low light condition. As a result, the images quality is not efficient, especially in distances.
You can improve this by mounting yours in higher places with better light conditions.

Take you properties under surveillance today

The Amcrest 4K Security Camera System is definitely a good deal among dozens of other similar products that we’ve gone through.
High-quality cameras that deliver impressive footages and comes with premium design. The package also comes with almost everything you need to start using the product.

Simple setup and installation make the system accessible for most users, even though with the least understanding of surveillance cameras.
All in all, we’re quite satisfied with the product as it provides all the necessary features that you would want from a surveillance system.
And you, being a wise consumer would certainly have seen the advantages and benefits of owning one of these. Hence, it would be a shame not putting this on your next shopping list, or at least make it a standard for any products that you’re currently considering.
Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

  • Product Features - 8.5/10
  • Quality Product - 8.7/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.2/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.4/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8/10
  • 11

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