Amcrest 1080P 8CH Surveillance System Reviews


-In a world in which it is important to remain vigilant against evil vices and all other sorts of unfortunate events, the use a reliable security system is critical. For the home or business owner that wants to prevent or manage theft, vandalism, arson, trespassing or burglary, we are opened to suggest the use of the Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 8CH Video Security System.

-The Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 8CH video security system is manufactured by Foscam in the USA. It is a new age security solution that is versatile, allowing you to place CCTV cameras at strategic locations around a building, which are centrally controlled by the system. Installing for the first time user of security systems is easy. It has a long transmission range and also provides a secure closed network. I achieve real-time surveillance; it utilizes closed circuit design of HDCIV in the analog camera.


-It comes with a one year US warranty: Users in the United States can get the product repaired or replaced within the space of one year if it develops a fault.

-DIY Installation: The average person without a technical know-how can easily install it in their homes and business environment.

-High video resolution of 1920 x 1080p (1920 tvl) at 30 fps: The images the Amcrest 1080P 8CH video security system produces are clear enough to provide detailed features such as facial expressions.

-Real-time recording: Users can get a live feed of whatever may be happening in the field of view of the cameras.

-User-friendly and easy to manage

-Comes with its own mobile app on the main platforms (Android, iPad, and iPhone): With a QR code that can be scanned, users of the Amcrest 1080P 8CH can easily control the security system from the comfort of their phones using Amcrest View.

-Plug and play feature

-Remote viewing in owner’s absence: Using the mobile app, a user can still view footage in real time.
-IP66 cameras which are weatherproof: Its cameras work efficiently in both indoor and outdoor locations.
-Preinstalled HDD able to store up to 360 hours of continuous recording.
-Motion detection and intruder alerts: If used in a business environment, a security personnel, for instance, can take a break for a few minutes because should an intruder pop out, the system would trigger an alarm.

-It has got excellent night vision capabilities in black and white. This feature will help to keep everything secure in the evening time as well.
-There are four recording options available: you can record continuously, record on motion, record on alarm or record on a predetermined schedule. This flexibility helps to save disk space and to configure the system to your specific needs.
-It could work without Wi-Fi if you want. It is safer to use it without Wi-Fi or the internet simply because hackers cannot get in easily that way. Besides Wi-Fi has a poor picture quality.
-Amcrest has a great customer support system. In case the product is defective, they are available to work you through resolving the problem patiently.


-It consumes a lot of internet data during its operation. Therefore, we recommended users to have a separate internet subscription different from the one it uses.

-Its price is on the high side (costs $800 as at press time) compared to other security systems which offer the same value. But it is worth it at the end due to some of its significant high-end feature.

-When using advanced functions like the motion detection, users experience some glitches and software bugs.
It has a noisy fan which reduces user satisfaction.


-Looking through the pros and cons, and all the features of this security system, it is safe to say from our Amcrest video surveillance system reviews that this is an excellent system that people should buy and install. There is a stronger likelihood of having your property secured using the Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 8CH Video Security System – Eight 1920TVL 2.1-Megapixel Weatherproof IP67 Dome and Bullet Cameras, 65ft IR LED Night Vision, 3TB HDD, HD Over Analog/BNC, Smartphone View (Black). When next you are in the market shopping for a new security system, you know what to go for now.

Amcrest Surveillance System Reviews
  • Product Features - 8.8/10
  • Quality Product - 8.4/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.4/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.2/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.0/10
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