Best 4K Security Camera System Under $1500: Revo America Ultra Review

Introduction Best 4K System Under $1500 Revo America Ultra

Given that the number of break-in cases has recently increased at a fast rate, it is advisable that you take necessary measures to protect your properties. Out of which, installing a high-quality security camera system is worth a thought. In today’s post, we will update you on the best 4k surveillance system valued at under $1500 by Revo America – the Ultra HD 16CH 4K H.265 NVR. Keep reading our Revo America Ultra Review to know more!

Prominent Features of Revo America Ultra HD 16CH 4K H.265 NVR

Best 16 channel security camera system

This surveillance camera system produced by Revo America allows up to 16 cameras, which means a wider overview of your belongings. Besides 8 indoor/outdoor bullet cameras and 4 turret cameras available in the package, it is possible to install 4 extra cameras based on your individual needs. You can install cameras in any hotpots inside your house and the surrounding area. Each camera is specially designed in line with the IP technology, promising to produce the highest quality output.

While bullet cameras act as a conspicuous deterrent to potential criminals with their aggressive design, turret cameras are less aesthetically intrusive. The combination of both types is certain to satisfy your demand of controlling the whole area while maintaining aesthetic harmony with the whole property’s decoration. For private houses, about 4-8 cameras are enough while from 8 to 16 ones will cater to the various needs of small and medium businesses.

4MP Image Quality

Revo America’s camera surveillance system is able to give out photos of 4MP, or 4 Megapixel, quality. When compared with the normal resolution of HD 1080p, 4MP IP cameras are capable of delivering videos with resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels at the most, which means 30% greater in clarity.

Such 4MP cameras are well-known for their amazing ability to provide extremely clear videos that facilitate facial recognition and record typical facial features of people staying within the vicinity of 50 feet through an angle of 84 degrees. Crisp images which can be zoomed to every detail are expected in the normal lighting condition. With the aid of such picture quality, you can keep your property under meticulous supervision.

In addition, each camera is equipped with smart “osram” LEDs to ensure high-quality images even in the total darkness. Thanks to the auto infrared cut filter and smart IR arrays, the system can strongly illuminate scenes within the vicinity of 100 feet in dark while night vision video quality remains satisfactory. These infrared cameras are also reported to capture the exact license plate of vehicles parked in the surroundings at night.

Hybrid Connection (Power-Over-Ethernet connection)

A security system network used to ask for the use of two separate cables in the past. One networking cable served to transmit data to the NVR, or Network Video Recorder, while the other acted as a power cable to supply energy for the whole system. This combination turned out relatively cumbersome and inconvenient at times, which might confuse beginner customers.

However, the advent of POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) technology has done away with the two cables to integrate them into only a compact cable. This special cable can do two jobs at the same time: data transmission and power feeding. Just connect the CAT5E cable to the NVR, turn the power on and you will successfully set up a plug and play system.

4TB Hard Drive

Each Revo America Ultra HD security system can include the maximum of 16 cameras, so the need for storage is rather high. That’s when a 4 TB hard drive comes in handy. Such a huge hard drive allows users to save recording 24/7 footages of 24 days consecutively. As a result, there is no need to buy additional storage space, which may be difficult for those not accustomed to technological equipment.

H.265 Compression

Another superb feature of this product is the integration of H.265 compression to optimize storage capacity. H.265, or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), has a higher compression ratio than that of H.264, which means a better reduction of storage and bandwidth consumption. A video making use of the H.265 compression format can save up to 80 percent of bandwidth sources when compared with the H.264 video of the same quality.

Coupled with the 4TB hard drive, H.265 compression has actually cleared away your worry about storage space for super high-quality images and videos updated by the second.

IK10 Vandal-Proof

IK ratings are a number indicative of the degrees of protection that enclosures for electrical devices can provide against external mechanical effects. Considering the widespread use of security systems, surveillance cameras are running higher risks of vandalism. Thieves or intruders tend to try to deactivate security systems with iron bars or powerful force before conducting their criminal acts, especially when the dark draws in.

The system launched by Revo America uses IK code 10 rated cameras made of optimal glass, which are testified to endure the impact of up to 10 kg objects while remaining completely intact. Besides, they are able to withstand temperatures within the range of -31F and 140F, making them perfect for outdoor use. Therefore, you can rest assured that your home defense system is working perfectly when you are away or asleep regardless of any weather condition.

4K Output

As the leader in the security camera industry, the Revo America Ultra system can support the resolution of up to 4K. Any tech savvy would immediately fall in love with 4K display once they see its demonstration on TV. Modern times showered with advanced technologies have made the standard definition, high definition and even full definition become things of the past.

In comparison with earlier standards, 4K footage can show off much crisper and more detailed images, even on large screen televisions. It has a fourfold total number of pixels and a twofold number of pixels horizontally compared to the 1080p quality. Consequently, it allows you to digitally zoom into the distance further while keeping the super high quality of images, making the product the best small business security camera system.

Remote Monitoring

Nowadays, almost every security camera system allows for remote control and that of Revo America is no exception. Download the Revo America mobile app to your smartphone, register for a new account, scan your private NVRs QR code and mobile supervision is activated. In addition to setting alarms and adjusting settings, on this app, you can control the situation from any position in the world and notice anything abnormal right at the very moment it occurs. This app has versions which are compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Moreover, this app is able to send alert notifications to your email once the security system detects any abnormal motion or illegal invasion. However, watch out for spams due to false alarms caused by super sensitivity of cameras.

Alternatively, if you desire to approach multiple Revo Ultra units set up at diverse locations simultaneously from only a computer, simply install the Revo EZStation software. It is feasible to customize your own layout of the cameras that are necessary to be viewed with the video wall. Otherwise, you may consider using E-Map to arrange them on a custom-made map of your property.

Smart Alert

With the support of intelligent Video Camera Analytic (VCA) functions, the Revo America Ultra system is able to notice and inform users about abnormal human behavior (intrusion or line crossing),  human face (detect strange people other than family members) and even the number of people paying a visit to your house. You can draw any line shape to define the restricted areas that you don’t want other people to intrude into and then snapshots of any movement in those areas are automatically sent to your email.  

Such intelligent features are included to ensure the top security for the property but sometimes cause a nuisance to users owing to misleading identification.  

Cloud Software Upgrade

The Revo system is always changing for the better with the addition of new features. Upon purchase, you are instantly eligible for receiving the latest update of recorder and camera software via Cloud platform. Thus, you cannot miss out on the brand new features provided by the manufacturer.

The recorder software is upgraded without any hassle while software updates are directly downloaded from the Cloud through the NVR interface, which is very easy, convenient and time-consuming. The interface monitors the perfect condition of the system and is programmed to remind users of a new updated version when it is available.

What We Like

    • 4K quality recording with night vision LEDs – bringing about beautiful and powerful digital high definition videos in both good and poor lighting conditions. Thus, you can keep control of your property all day and night long.
    • Support a large number of cameras, including both bullet and turret types – suitable for diverse uses and provide a broad overview of the property along with details of even farthest and hidden corners. You can also add aesthetic aspects to the general decoration of the house due to different shapes of cameras.
    • Cameras’ attractive design with a polished look – pleasing to the eye and suitable for installment in either households or business premises.
    • Advanced 3D noise reduction technology – enhancing photo quality to facilitate object identification, reducing file size for storage and cases of false alarms for video motion detection.
    • Snap installment: the whole system uses only one CAT5E cable to connect the Revo Ultra cameras and NVR. All you have to do is set up cameras in wanted areas and feed the NVR with the cable – easy for beginner users to follow, save area as well as save money to rent a technician worker to do the installment job.
    • H.265 compression technology – optimizing storage space and allowing many hours of recording without interruption. You can be relieved of fears that extremely high-resolution videos will soon use up all available space. Also, you don’t need to clear up the disk drive on a frequent basis to make room for new recordings.
    • Sleek weather and vandal resistance – prolonging the lifespan of cameras and not letting damaging actions by intruders or nature interrupt supervision. You can freely install those surveillance cameras outdoors without fear of frequent maintenance or repairs. Hence, your property is always kept under great control.
  • Possible remote control – you can get access to the view of your property from any locations through browser or a mobile app.

What We Don’t Like

    • Storage on Cloud is still unavailable – a regret for those seeking online storage, making it impossible to review some deleted videos for arising security concerns.
    • Poorly written manual – it covers several other products (NVRs and cameras) manufactured by Revo America and doesn’t include specific instructions on how to set up the mobile app and manipulate router firewall. But online customer service will do the good replacement.
  • A little bit high price for household use – the purchase of Revo Ultra America security camera system may be a waste in case you live in a small and cozy house. Instead, you can go for other systems with a smaller number of channels.

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Generally speaking, Revo America Ultra 16CH 4K H.265 NVR, 4 TB Surveillance Grade HDD, Remote Access can be a good choice when it comes to the best ultra system. Along with the highly aesthetic design and durable material, the cameras promise to produce the highest quality – 4K recordings irrespective of day or night condition. Other outstanding features include easy setup, remote viewing, and smart alert will certainly not let you down in terms of large household or business uses.

Just think about your specific needs and financial background to decide whether to buy this product or not. As usual, thank for reading our Revo America Ultra review.

Best 4K Security Camera System Under $1500: Revo America Ultra Review
  • Product Features - 8.5/10
  • Quality Product - 8.2/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.1/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8/10

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