EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Small Business Surveillance System Reviews


Running a business normally involves many challenges and risks. When it comes to security concerns, business premises and assets are listed among the top vulnerable targets of criminals. Therefore, it is imperative that you take instant measures to prevent regretful damages and losses, including setting up a small business security camera system.

Our today’s article will update you on a favorite product in this field. Keep reading our EZVIZ full HD 1080p small business surveillance system reviews to know more!

Prominent Features of EZVIZ full HD 1080p business surveillance system reviews

Best 16 Channels security camera system

There is a total of 16 cameras in this package, including 8 bullet and 8 dome cameras. You can freely set up cameras anywhere in your home or office to have the broadest view of the whole area.

When it comes to security functions, there aren’t many differences between bullet cameras and dome cameras. However, the aggressive design of bullet cameras is considered discouraging criminal intentions, while dome cameras are suitable for camouflage purposes with their elegant appearance.

Moreover, the combination of bullet cameras and dome cameras may add variety to the general decoration of the building. Regarding the scale and area of business premises, a surveillance system equipped with 16 channels is relatively enough to control small and medium businesses.

1080p Image Quality

The system makes use of 1080p Full HD resolution technology. Many TVs nowadays set 1080p as the standard definition, presenting to viewers crisp images with details able to be sharply zoomed in the normal lightning condition. As a result, you can take better control of your business through detecting abnormal signs, noting down strange vehicles’ license plate or identifying typical facial features. Also, the 115.6-degree angle of view facilitates greater coverage and visibility of the area.

Moreover, each camera provides a night vision within the vicinity of 100 feet. In the event of total darkness, it’s still able to capture clear images of the surrounding within up to 65 feet. Hence, there would be no fear of losing control of your property in either daylight or night moments.   

3TB Security-Rated Hard Drive

All recordings by the EZVIZ system are saved on a 3TB security grade drive. Such a capacity allows you to record hours on end without having to clear out footages frequently.

Unlike normal PC hard drives which easily burn out after a period of continuous use, a security-rated one is extremely high grade. Thanks to the use of helium inside to handle heat better, it’s able to operate 24/7 without fear of overheating or failure. Moreover, helium has a great thermal conductivity, which can help maintain sensitive drive components’ temperatures at a safe level. In addition, all sizes of surveillance drives tend to consume less power, which prevents them from overheating, just like what a car governor does.  

To enhance the hard drive’s operation, some features (like RV sensors) are integrated. These will reduce the speed of reading and recording a great deal of information while minimizing risks of corrupting files, losing data or missing frames.

IP66 Weatherproof

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard to determine how good an electrical device can fight against moisture or foreign bodies’ intrusion such as tools or dirt. Classified as IP66 weatherproof, EZVIZ cameras are suited for both indoor and outdoor uses because of their resistance to dust and low-pressure water jets from all directions. These factors can actually do great harm to the equipment and interfere with the surveillance function. In addition, IP66-rated cameras can withstand extreme weather patterns at the temperature range of -40°F – 140°F (or -40°C – 60°C).

Having this surveillance system, you are likely to avoid losing track of the building due to unwanted accidents caused by nature. The system can still work well in numerous harsh weather elements, such as scorching sun, torrential rain, heavy snow and even fierce thunderstorm. No wonder that the EZVIZ security system ranks high in business surveillance system reviews.  

Customizable Alerts

EZVIZ cameras are smartly designed to detect and record any movement. If something goes wrong, the system will instantly send notifications to users’ smartphone. To narrow down the chance of false alarms, it is possible to customize detection areas directly from the DVR while not showing up grid lines in the live feed. Several busy areas, like sidewalks and streets, are often neglected when it comes to detecting abnormal motion.

Multi-Layer Security  

You can enjoy having precious moments safeguarded thanks to the EZVIZ system’s multi-layer security and end-to-end video encryption. End-to-end encryption is useful in preventing data from being secretly read or modified by other people, except for its owner.

Considering increasing attacks on financial targets in business premises, it makes sense that coordinated defenses applied to multiple applications and protocols can stop detrimental acts. That’s what multi-layer security does its job. Each level is equipped with a backup in the event of a breach while the general strengths of multiple layers are used to compensate for defects in separate components. Therefore, it can eliminate loopholes that intruders can exploit to corrupt or steal security data. This outstanding feature makes the EZVIZ business surveillance system a highly reliable choice for business executives.

Remote Viewing

Like most surveillance camera systems, the EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Business Surveillance System allows you to monitor your office through a mobile app. So, you can view all cameras from one location no matter how far you are from your workplace. Just check on the Internet signal, log in your account and you will get access to the live stream of your business.

With the EZVIZ app, you are allowed to set up, configure and watch videos at your convenience. You can rest assured that the safety of your properties is protected right from your phone. It is also feasible to share your videos with family members and other friends so that they can view footage with you.

Automatic Upgrade  

BNC coaxial cables enclosed in the package serve to activate the automatic download of the system’s latest version. Manufacturers, including EZVIZ, are always trying to improve their products’ shortcomings and invent new features to catch up with the outburst of advanced technology. Upon purchase, you are entitled to receiving updated versions and enjoying the latest security features for free of charge whenever they are released.

Moreover, in case of technical malfunction, don’t hesitate to connect online support that technology experts always stand ready to give you for a lifetime.

Smart Home IFTTT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently the leading trend in the high-tech world. In addition to tech-car manufacturers, makers of home appliances have joined the IoT area. This EZVIZ system is not an exception with the ability to support the IFTTT technology.

For those who don’t know, IFTTT is an outstanding feature that sets the EZVIZ system apart from its competitors. IFTTT (or If This Then That) is actually a platform that wards off communication problems among smart devices in your house. Once you have successfully connected the security system to the IFTTT app, you will be able to begin recording when detecting illegal motion during set hours and then activate phone alerts in such cases. Moreover, the integration of Google Assistant to switch on/off cameras is possible with just a press of a button.

When it comes to setup, you will find no difficulty in connecting IFTTT with your devices. Just download the IFTTT app on your phone or MacBook (both iOS and Android are applicable) and sign up for a new account. Assure that all equipment you want to control are on the same Wifi network, then find suitable recipes via searching through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on.  

What We Like

  • 1080p cameras with great night vision: They allow you to see everything clearly with meticulous details, thereby supplying an additional level of security for any corner in dire need of coverage. The quality of nighttime videos is excellent.
  • 16 channels: They keep 16 critical points of your business under control. With regard to the relatively large space and area of business premises, many channels are enough to provide a broad and thorough view of the whole area. You won’t run the risk of missing any hotspots or hidden corners that are attractive to potential intruders.  
  • Certificated IP66: Durable cameras designed to stand up with severe weather patterns help you cut down on the upkeep and repair expenses, making them perfect for outdoor uses. At the same time, it can contribute to increasing the net profit of your business. During thunderstorm, rain or snow, the EZVIZ surveillance system will still run well with hardly any faults.
  • A hard drive of large storage (3TB): It allows many hours of recording without interruption and doing away with the need of buying extra hard drives for contingency. This well meets the huge demand of 16 cameras working at the same time.
  • End-to-end encryption: It’s an absolutely reliable tool to protect your data, especially against increasingly complicated cyber-threats.
  • Customizable motion detection: It reduces false alarms and spams sent to your emails. You can choose beforehand areas, which you want to control with alert, from the DVR. If you don’t want to receive unwanted notifications, you can turn the alert function off.
  • Easy setup: A manual with easy-to-follow instructions is enclosed in the package. It helps you install the device easily. Thus, there is no need to consult technicians for help. Both the DVR and cameras are small and light, making them convenient to carry around and place in desired locations.
  • Remote control: It helps you get control of your business all the time. Via the EZVIZ app, notifications of detected movement are sent to your gadgets. Thus, you can identify something abnormal right at the moment it happens to apply proper prevention measures.
  • Customer service is available: EZVIZ technicians are ready to give you detailed instructions on setup or modifications during use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Short cables: With 60 feet of BNC cables for connecting cameras and the DVR, it sometimes causes inconvenience because these cables are not long enough to connect spots of the spacious business premises you want to control. You may resort to longer cables for further distances. Besides, the included Ethernet cable used to link with the router is rather short, about 1 foot, which wouldn’t satisfy your need.
  • Producing fairly unclear photos of objects close to the cameras during night time: The system is reported to have problems with contrast, which tends to make details blurred together due to a white glare. So, it is advisable that you avoid placing these cameras in a window facing outwards because the fear of a reflection of the window will be captured, instead of outdoor scenes.
  • Cloud storage is unavailable in this model: You cannot store your video online.


In short, the EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Business Surveillance System may be a good choice when it comes to small business surveillance. Owing high-quality photo resolution, waterproof cameras, large-capacity disk storage, together with smart features like customizable alerts and IFTTT, this system will meet your demand of security at an affordable price. It is particularly designed to use in small and medium businesses.

Why don’t you give it a try? As usual, thank you so much for reading our EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p business surveillance system reviews.

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