ONWOTE 16 Channel 5MP Audio PoE Surveillance System reviews

If you have been raising your awareness about the safety of your households, security cameras are the reliable deterrents.

With the support of remote surveillance, you can put your eyes on various corners without being there to observe unlawful activities.

Something can be said about the ease of setting up a CCTV camera system.

It is sure you may lose the benefits of the wireless connectivity you might get from some IP cameras but in return, you gain a network of security camera that just do their job.

There is an all-in-one security camera kit from ONWOTE with 12 cameras show up to 16 channels in HD quality that will watch the door for you, and beyond.

The camera set provides an ultimate method to watch your properties from afar and records essential clues in any suspected scenario.

On our behalf, we have put these cameras on testifying for a few months. We reckon on the resolution, field of view, night vision, and motion detection to conclude.

So now we are ready to expose our verdict.

Check out our ONWOTE 16 Channel 5MP Audio PoE Surveillance System reviews to ensure your money will not go wrong.

CCTV: A simple understand

CCTV means a Closed Circuit Television used to observe and records videos to provide evidence. A set of surveillance cameras will be installed in sensitive places where it has an expansive view across the areas.

Any doubtful event collected in the cameras can be used to investigate a criminal case.

While CCTV is unable to prevent crimes, they have emerged as effect deterrents for burglars and intruders.
In home use, surveillance cameras are meant to deliver peace of mind to homeowners looking for reassurance that their valuables are safe when they are not around.

The ONWOTE 16 Channel 5MP Audio PoE Surveillance System reviews

With the rise of security need in both residential and public places, ONWOTE brought an expandable outdoor PoE security camera system to watch out behind your back.

What we liked

The ONWOTE 16 Channels comes with 12 waterproof bullet cameras and a 4 Terabytes hard drive.

Every camera is powered with 5 MP to record clear and sharp pictures of whatever you’re pointing at. The resolution is up to 2592 x 1944 HD offers 150% more pixels than regular 1080p regular cameras.

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Once you plug in the camera, it starts recording immediately. There will be no hassling hooking up any more things or running any software which is convenient for a technology savvy.
In reality, the image quality is beyond our expectation. In over 300 square meters, we could observe real-time movements and appearance of the objects as clear and bright.

Out of the 12 cameras, we had 5 cameras geared up. One was under the overhang of the porch gave us a view of who is at the door; we could also see into the front yard.

The second camera hung over the garage looking down into the alleyway. It did take a beating from the sun, rain and the snow. We don’t recall any issue with particles on the lens, or the sun hitting the lens because it has a ledge to cover from the above.

If you are comfortable with installing a camera indoor, we suggest putting one to embrace the kitchen view, and one in the garage. And the last one we hooked it in the living room.

We’re sure we’ll find more place setting more cameras to use up 12 units; but so far, we feel sufficient with 5.

The thing that impressed us is the ability to detect motion and notify you via the app, SMS or other methods you set up.

That means when there is any motion occurred in the scanning area, we get an email notice, or a text saying “hey, this camera detected a movement,” then we switch on the app to check the unexpected guests or “unwanted” visitor.

Want to know more about it?

This ONWOTE PoE Camera System allows you to block out the parts you don’t want the motion detection to interfere.

On the computer, cover the region indicated in grids on the spot where you want the feature to function. We did that on the doormat. The result is, anything out of that area won’t be recorded, and you will not get any alert.

If somebody enters that area, sure you will have notice and alarm. So, you can observe your property from anywhere in the world as long as the cameras are connected to the Internet.

Based on our experience, you don’t want to set this notification in the front porch during the day time unless you want endless texts sent to your phone alarming every single passenger on the lawn.

You should activate this system in cameras pointing at places with fewer people and are more “sensitive” like the backyard, your pool at night, garden or garage.
The system keeps recording until the hard drive is full. Believe us; you have more than 30 days to worry about that with the 4TB drive. Even more, you have the option to double the storage space.

If you forget to remove the footage, the cameras will record over the old content. But that’s not all.

Each camera has a built-in IR sensor offers a viewing distance of up to 100 ft. It sounds insane already but is not what caught us. The IR night vision does; since night time is when we pay most concern about. ONWOTE 16 Channel 5MP Audio PoE Surveillance System reviews 3 e1547305327224

This IR system is rigged with 2 array LEDs that provide a lot more illumination for your night-vision. It doesn’t mean you can look through the darkness, but the quality it transmits is something to appreciate.

And believe it or not, this night vision is born for the money. It picks up everything that passes over 200 feet away, twice the range mentioned in the actual specs.

The next feature that convinced us, and you, is the inner microphone.

It provides the audio range up to 15 ft. Well, it is not as far as we expected but from the position it hangs in the porch to where people approach in the front yard, we can hear some slight talk, not very clear, but we guess it will be helpful in catching the non-speech sound.

On the specs side

The security system utilized PoE technology which means you connect all cables into one single network that runs between the NVR and camera IP.

These cables supply power and transmit video content to display. That makes the installment free of mess.

We were users of the Arlo Wireless home surveillance system which ran with no router. The signal was so poor as if it was lethargic. It stores footages in the cloud where you have no way to access if you don’t have internet.

That was a thrill looking at a frozen unidentified object on the screen now knowing what went pass there.

Anyhow, we switched to the wired IP cameras with Ethernet cables to guarantee stable data transmission, yet fast speed and no disruption of signal.

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ONWOTE has been around providing surveillance solution. You will be a lot happier with their customer service.

We are pleased with the hardware side. How about the controlling section?

One advantage of a reputable company is that they keep the software updated.

It could be a bit confusing to new users with so many settings.

You probably won’t be understanding it right away.

The terms like CBR and VBR are vague to non-tech fellas.

However, the default settings are efficient. All you need to care about is the video resolution, all the bitrates and specs to you translate.

Moving on to the phone app.

We’ve got the app on an iOS device and one Android tablet. They are all compatible. However, it only supports Windows PC.

Generally, you can control the camera, record, access the mic from your phone. All the software, manual and firmware are downloadable from the official website.

What we didn’t like

Every product has its drawback, the ONWOTE PoE security camera system is no exception.

Since we got the cameras installed, they worked 100% of the time though there existed some irritations.

We only wish the audio recorder in each camera would integrate sound filter so as not to blend too many speech and noise almost like buzzing sound.

We guess it could be better but so far, what the camera recorded is audible enough to distinguish.

The software seems to lag a bit on the Windows 10 browser; we are not sure about the compatibility, but we set it up on a Win 7 Chrome browser, turned out it worked like a charm.

Admittedly, the installation can’t be easier with Plug n Play PoE, but the mounting is not something for an amateur.
The downside here is that you may be unable to mount the camera yourself.

We got an electrician with a ladder to climb up and connect the cables. The side service was worth a few dollars. If you’ve got a husband, boyfriend or a technical kind neighboring dude, ask them for a hand.

This PoE camera system is stationary is you expect something adjustable remotely. That could be a valuable additive but we don’t think 12 cameras pointing at every corner of your house are worse than tunable cameras.

We really sent a complaint to the Customer service of ONWOTE, the staff (Ali) was friendly and useful.

It was about the quick guide, which is literally…quick.

In other words, it is not instructive enough even for experienced folks like us.

It took us some time to decipher the features by trying different modes and checking the differences.

The support in our case was via email. Though we recognized the conscientious staff, we wished it could have been faster.

But, we were silly when we didn’t know they offer a direct call if you submit the phone number and order tracking.

We have seen them developing the live chat on the official page, but it seems to be under construction up to now. You can expect this function to be operated any time soon.

Don’t wait to get this ONWATE surveillance system

When we decided to write this ONWOTE 16 Channel 5MP Audio PoE Surveillance System reviews, we concurrently received many questions regarding IP cameras.

We dug the market to form a list, but we made up our mind that this one is a treasure.

This ONWOTE 16CH has everything you need from a PoE security camera system. It watches every nook and delivers high-quality videos to support your surveillance.

It is not only ideal for housing observing, but commercial buildings can also make use of the system with the option to upgrade the hard drive and add 4 more cameras depending on the needs.

These cameras employ IP65 to withstand water, fog, snow or any kind of moisture to intrude the inside components.

If you are planning on setting up a surveillance camera system for your residence, office, store or any area you want to keep your eyes on, we know this ONWOTE PoE system won’t fail you.

Are you worry about your wallet? No need.

We have calculated the value of this system to the other we had tried in the past. We reckon that we could have saved more on replacing and repairing.

Of course, you can go for the cheaper cameras but you will soon realize you had thrown money to a window.

This ONWOTE camera system will place peace in your mind with its most advanced and updated technology.

We are confident enough to encourage you to buy now, or at least, throw to your consideration list.

At this price range, we are sure you can’t find anything better.

We hope the post is helpful for you. Leave us a comment or any query you want us to answer. We are always here.


  • Product Features - 8/10
  • Quality Product - 8.4/10
  • Warranty & Support - 7.5/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8/10

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