Under $2000: EZVIZ HD 1080p Video Surveillance System Review

The top reasons you need to Purchase a Video Security System Review
EZVIZ HD 1080p Video Security System Review
-So you decided that it is time to purchase a video security system. Which one is the question you need to ask yourself? Since this is an investment piece, you want to make sure that you do not second guess your decision. Here, I will explain to you the reason you need to purchase an EZVIZ HD 1080 Video Security System. The pros outweigh any of the cons.
-People are raving in their reviews, and that is how I decided to purchase this security system. I am quite thankful I did, and I want you to rest a sure that you also made the right decision in buying the perfect video security system. Here are the pros, and a few cons (remember, nothing is perfect!). Happy purchasing!


  • The EZVIZ HD 1080p Video security system works 24/7 with continual video surveillance. It has a 16 channel IP Poe Security system that is perfect for every home. It also includes a 3TB security grade hard drive.
  • No need to fret about missing angles because it covers an 85-degree view. It shows every last corner you can imagine for live, excellent coverage and crisp and clear visibility. The only area it cannot show is what is hiding inside of your trash can!
  • Under 2000 EZVIV HD 1080p Video Surveillance System Review 21 You no longer have to worry about inclement weather. This security camera is weather proof and water proof. You can safely use it in -22F all the way up to 140F. It works inside or outside so long as the temperature is at those temperatures. It is safe to use up in Maine during their cold and snow winters and all the way down to Texas during a stifling hot summer day.
  • This camera even works during the night. It has excellent night vision since it has an HD 1080p resolution. You can see up to 100 feet away during daylight and up to 65 feet when it is completely dark outside.Under 2000 EZVIV HD 1080p Video Surveillance System Review 41
  • If you are worried about nosey neighbors or rambunctious teenagers running amuck around your home, this security camera will be able to pick everything up with it three axis mounts that have already been assembled for your use. This will allow the security camera to follow their every move.
  • This has safety and encryption and will, therefore, save any video you need. This will allow additional multi-layer security for you and your loved ones when at your house.
  • In the package, they include a USB mouse and Ethernet cable. No need to provide them yourself. This allows the security camera to work properly
  • Also included are an HDMI cable, a power supply for NVR, 8 100 foot network cables, eight mounting screws and plugs, eight mounting templates and three theft deterrent stickers.
  • In case you are not sure on how to use this particular security camera, they provide you will a quick start guide and a camera installation guide. You also are given a warranty card in case anything breaks or you happen to have a small mishap. The guides are written so that everyone can understand, but if not then call the service center, and they will be able to assist you.
  • You can have remote access to your iPads, Android or iOS device through the EZVIZ app provided by the company. This can be located all many devices and app stores.https://www.securitycameraonline.net/for-small-business/under-2000-ezviv-hd-1080p-video-surveillance-system-review.html
  • You can rest assure when you leave your house that everything is fine. If not, then EZVIZ will send you motion alerts when movements are detected at your home if the security cameras sense any change. How is that for safety?
  • Once an EZVIZ user, you will always be an EZVIZ user. They provide easy updates for you and also give your lifetime support. All you need to do is only keep your security system up to date with firmware updates. The rest is up to EZVIZ to take care of. Remember, if your safety camera does not work, and it is less than a year old, they will replace it for you. Is that not a relief?
  • For those who are international, I will have you know that the security camera has universal voltage. You can use it anywhere to uses 120 to 240V. No need to worry about your countries voltage.
  • This system is so easy to get up and running, that it is perfect for those who have no previous security camera experience.


  • With recent updates, you are no longer able to have the ability to use remote access with your DVR. It was a previous function that no longer exists with the updated version
  • The camera picture is a good quality, but not blue-ray good quality.
  • They only provide eight cameras, which may not be enough for most houses and their perimeters. The wide angles can only cover so much, but you may need to purchase an additional package for added security and peace of mind.
  • The mount design is a bit weak. It can be somewhat difficult to adjust just how you want it. Some people report being a bit nervous making the screws too tight, but then again you do not want a limp camera. It is six of one, half a dozen of another.
  • You need Wi-Fi access to watch the video or to play back videos. Some people even report having to restart the browser to look at the security camera videos.


-After all said and done, this is a reliable security camera. The EZVIZ HD 1080p Video Security System is top notch. It is ideal for those with less experience around security cameras, and those who are more advance.
-The picture is clear and is HD quality. You can use it around the world with its wide voltage from 120 to 240V. No more having to worry about the weather – this security camera works in all elements from icy snow and sleet to dry and humid hot summer days. This is the perfect camera to keep an eye on your house.


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