11 Benefits Of A Best Video Surveillance System

Over the past 20 years, thousands of customers have been telling us: “I do not understand how to live without video surveillance system for so long.”
In addition to arresting criminals, a well designed system offers many advantages that will protect their assets, leading to a safer environment, and help better manage your business or home.
Here are 11 benefits of a best video surveillance system will pay for itself:

1. Deter Crime

An important advantage of video security system is to prevent crime never occurred. well placed cameras even happen that criminals break, or send them in search of a less ready place.

2. The theft prevention

Recent studies of the retail industry, the average small company loses $ 50,000 a year … And given the current economic conditions and the ease of products that criminals can move stolen, the risk of theft, both internally and externally it has exploded. This shows that the security system simple video can easily cut the number in half.

3. Increase Productivity

Labor productivity was reported to be the largest in the costs faced by business today. security camera helps to keep people on their best behavior when it is not there, and allows administrators to monitor the habit of working on your own schedule.

4. Reduce liability

Many criminals looking to take advantage of making false statements against the company. Due to the lack of evidence to defend, the company literally flying blind with zero road. video security is a deterrent in this criminal activity, and can challenge the claim in the case.
NOTE: One of the claims often come from employees in the incident outside the field of view of its information system security. It is recommended that companies improve their traditional video with a hidden camera, so no one knows where the shelter of false accusations and bad, and which are not.

5. The protection of intellectual property

Unscrupulous competitors will have to pay a high price to learn the secrets of your company. Strategically placed cameras can help prevent people who have access to and intend to steal intellectual property think twice.

6. Remotely managing

Many video security systems have software that is able to view some of the facilities from a single location. This can significantly reduce capital expenditures and management overhead and allow administrators to monitor the operation despite the broad geographical challenges of society and time.

7. Improve the customer experience

Many retail businesses to use their video security system to study the pattern of consumer spending, optimize traffic patterns in stores, improve product placement and ensure a positive customer experience. more efficient employee sales rise + + = satisfied customers happy manager.

8. Streamline Operations

The video is generally used in a manufacturing environment or monitor equipment performance and quickly identify the problems that can cause delays or congestion. Video is also used to provide valuable information about process efficiency, and ensure appropriate business or open surgery.

9. Alarm

Business owners and managers lose similar to respond to a false alarm that your business has been divided into sleep. With a security system network video, validation is only a click away – and you can get your sleep or enjoy your holiday.

10. Provide Reassurance

Ultimately, business managers and owners are looking for peace of mind – to protect your assets and provide a safe environment for employees, friends and family. And the incident, knowing that they have the right to bring those responsible to justice … something a video security system can offer.

11. Provide Bragging Rights

On a lighter note, the video security system is something you should be proud, and quick to show your friends and family. Like you, you will be amazed by its ability to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.


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