6 Tips to Make Your CCTV Security Cameras Sharper

Putting CCTV security cameras out there is only the beginning to prevent break-ins. As stated by a reliable source, 20% of business owners have successfully taken the sharp footage in emergencies. It also means that there isn’t much great CCTV footage in most cases. So the image quality is indeed the “big concern” for you to consider! It’s based on where your camera
lies, the lighting, optics, specs, and more. These will contribute to what the final footage outcomes might look like. Don’t worry since it’s not that complicated – below are the six easy tips to help you ensure your CCTV footage to be always clear look:

1. Add More Good Lighting

It seems too obvious for me to refer to, but it’s impossible to leave it out of your to-do list. By adding more good lighting, the recorded area can be well-illuminated. But above all, this enables your camera to function in color mode throughout the night as if it was in the daytime.

For example, your parking area tends to be filled with many vehicles, so just a little patio light on either side of it wouldn’t be enough! That lighting will be uneven and shadowy.

In that case, some people thought that adding several similar lights can fix that. However, the best solution is using a strong light to illuminate such a huge space. Specifically, try a mercury-vapor lamp to brighten the whole building. If not, consider mounting it on a pole to light up a bigger area.

2. Put Bright Lights Out of Camera’s Sight

It’s important to bear this in mind while you’re setting up a camera. Try not to put all of the unnecessary fixtures directly in your CCTV system’s view. There’s a reason for why you do that: A
bright light causes your camera’s night/day light sensor to work wrongly after hitting the lens repeatedly. As a result, the produced image quality won’t be as sharp as expected.

If so, how to repair such an issue?

Let’s keep that extreme light source to one side or back your camera so that it can’t hit its front straightforwardly. Or you can skew the sensor’s dynamic range to prevent those extra lights.
Last but not least, if your camera owns an adjustable sunshade, move it forward for blocking extra light. Make sure to adjust both contrast and brightness for the optimal results.

3. Use Infrared (IR) Blasters

6 Tips to Make Your CCTV Security Cameras Sharper

Infrared light sources are the ideal methods to raise the camera’s night vision potentials. They will help fill the large area with the IR light. Doing so will raise the image quality remarkably even in the dark. But where to have them?

A lot of cameras arrive with some built-in IR LEDs which light up your backyard straight in front of the cameras. This enables it to view clearly in total darkness. 

Unluckily, most of those built-in lights can’t offer the even brightness and aren’t powerful enough to lighten up the surroundings at an average distance. So it’s better to add one or more infrared lights separately to produce awesome image quality.

As for their prices, they range from extremely costly for little ones to relatively costly for bigger commercial products.

4. Ensure Your IR to Be Powerful Enough

First, you should know that most CCTV cameras with IR contain an appropriate range (5m – 50m or longer than that). Although this figure is considered as the absolute maximum range, the footage quality is still not ideal at such extremes.

In this case, we suggest you measure how far you would like to view. If you love to view 30m, then try to invest in a 40m system.

However, having an IR that is too strong can turn your image quality into the poor one. It’s because each security camera is incapable of adjusting IR brightness. Thus, any subject placed next to your camera made for long ranges often looks too bright.

5. Switch Off that Built-In IR

6 Tips to Make Your CCTV Security Cameras Sharper 5

Suppose that you’ve already purchased a camera with a built-in IR, and it’s mounted properly outside the house. But even doing that can’t improve the footage quality. How come? The IR light possibly reaches their lens easily, which ends up that nothing is seen well in low light.

That’s also why most professional security cameras nowadays haven’t been built with IR like this. Doing that only decreases their performance. Besides, every camera with built-in IR often has a certain setting that allows you to switch them off. So do it if it’s possible.

6. Memorize the Mounting Height

To make the image quality sharper, you need to consider the height those CCTV cameras are mounted. For instance, when your vehicle is parked about four meters away from the house, then your camera should be mounted three meters from the ground. In other words, the distance from the camera to that vehicle would be around five meters. Try to memorize this whenever mounting your security systems above the ground.

6 Tips to Make Your CCTV Security Cameras Sharper 7


These tips we’ve shared above will boost how well your CCTV cameras view through the night. They help you achieve the best possible images in low-light conditions. Ensure to add more good infrared light to the space you like to see clearly at night. It functions well when lighting up the entire area that the cameras are viewing.

But don’t let that IR light overpower your image sensor since it’s as sensitive as your eyes. Both of them can only view the lower degrees of light. My suggestion for you is to write down what you want from your security camera system, from where you like to place, what footage you want them to record, available lighting to use, etc. Doing this ensures you to have a good level of image detail.


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