Bullet Cameras VS Dome Cameras

Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras are the most common camera types used for home, office, setup a small business, business security today. Both are set up& install, manageable, and offer full control to the users when security areas of any size. Bullet surveillance cameras, as the label suggests, protrude outwards similar to a gun’s barrel, while Dome surveillance cameras have the rounded “dome” shape, to all but indicate the biggest difference between them.

In relation to functionality, the two camera types possess extreme similarity, but nonetheless, the small differences can be regarding great significance considering the precise purpose you are looking to cover.

Installing & Setup

Bullet cameras are much simpler to install because they come with a mounting handle which you only need to affix to the wall. Once they are usually mounted, you can move them to cover whatever area you desire. Dome cameras are more difficult to mount but do not need much effort either.

Really the only snag comes when you have to affect the field of view since you also will have to dismount the video camera and mount it once again. An expert would do it a great deal better.

Location of Cameras

Both equally bullet and dome cameras can be used for indoor uses but dome ones will be more common and more suitable because of the low intrusiveness. If you are looking intended for something more sleek and chic; something that will match the actual décor of the building or maybe household without much adjustments, some sort of dome camera would be a recommended choice.

On the other hand, bullet cameras are usually weatherproof and have an extended range, making them more suitable to get viewing large areas including extensive backyards and car parking lots.

NOTE: To discover a camera’s environmental protection, check its IP Ratings.


A range that a surveillance camera can easily cover depends on vital functions such as types of sensor processor chip, type of lens, Wide Range Dynamic, lines of resolution, Back Light Compensation and Auto Gain Control. Though it may be hard to generalize it, dome cameras have smaller lens compared to bullet cameras whose shapes can adapt to larger lenses – which makes them less suitable for long distance requirements.

You could, however, find a few dome cameras whose lens sizes are equal, as well as bigger than those of bullet types. Choosing the right one, in this case, is especially a matter of preference.

Light Levels

Both bullet and dome cameras have infrared LEDs to ensure availability of light is not really much a factor. With an IR LED, a camera is definitely guaranteed of proper lighting effects to function. During the day or when there is sufficient lighting, the common lens are used, but once the video camera senses poor lighting when it comes to view, it uses typically the IR LEDs to create a unique light.

Open or Covert?

Bullet cameras which are more noticeable and obvious to passers-by are more suitable if you are looking to be able to discourage vandalism or theft. Dome cameras are a little little bit harder to spot, and that make them a better choice if you are looking for anything more covert.

They do not be noticed like bullets and the dome housing hides what you are taking since it’s hard to say to where the lenses are pointing. Another clear-cut advantage of dome over bullet cameras is the fact that dome cameras can spin 360 degrees covering a larger area.


As stated earlier, dome cameras fit better using your current décor. This is because often the dome shape makes them significantly less intrusive and more elegant when compared with bullets. The shape also generates look more seamless as well as cleaner, particularly due to their chance to hide wiring, unlike bullet cameras, whose wires will almost always be slightly exposed at the back.

Once again, it is hard to generalize for this, because some domes may have exposed wires while some bullets will not.


Dome camera, especially ones known as “vandal proof”, win the longevity test by a landslide. “Vandal proof” domes are closed in durable housings that may stand anything right from banging to vandalism. They are specially apt if mounted on easy to access places such as low ceiling.


There is huge misapprehension when understanding the differences between bullet cameras and dome cameras is the subject. You will discover notions surrounding surveillance cameras that could influence your choice, however only a guided scrutiny with the above features, together with adequate knowledge of the purpose to be functioned by the camera, would assist you in making the perfect choice and buy an item that will give you value for your money. For more info have a look at our Buying Guide!



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