3 steps easy steps to clean CCTV cameras. Benefit of camera clean

The security camera system has helped us to observe and save images of the day, close supervision of goods, sales staff, to manage our assets and personnel well. 

But the problem for a long time of using will lead to the camera system getting dusty, making the observation of the system limited, even affecting the functions, operation, and life of the system. So, you know how to clean your security camera?

With information on guiding the cleaning and maintenance of this security camera system, we believe that you can maintain your system in the best way without the help of technology.

Why need to clean the security camera?

Since the security camera system must operate continuously 24/24 and suffer from many impacts from the environment, it’s likely for the system to show defects. Therefore, regular camera cleaning will help:

  • The security camera system works more stably, giving sharp images, good data storage capability.
  • Limiting dirt, the life of the system will be extended.
  • Detecting incidents that affect camera recording quality and timely fix.
  • Help the security camera system to be as new, avoid rust or blurred lens.

CCTV cameras dirty

How To Clean A Security Camera Lens

The lens is the most important part of a security camera because it is considered the eye that captures all images captured from that security camera.

If you spend a sum of money to install a security camera around your home or business, then you must understand that the security camera will be considered disabled if the lens is blurry or dirty.

With the lens that is blurry or dirty, it is impossible to capture the whole image. This makes it impossible to identify any intruder who sneaks into your home or business. There is a special coating on the security camera lens that prevents it from reflecting light, so be careful when cleaning.

Step 1: Remove dirt by compressed air

Blow into the lens to remove any dirt or debris using a compressed air box. If your security camera moves remotely to cover an area, all you need to do is turn off the power for the security camera that doesn’t move on you. The lens can also spray when the camera is mounted.

Step 2: Microfiber cloth wipe

Microfiber cloths are sold in optometry offices or eye-wear stores. Wipe the lens gently with these fine fabrics, and they won’t remove the special coating on the security camera lens.

Step 3: Use specialized detergents

Gently wipe the camera with a microfiber cloth and apply a few specialized camera cleaners. Ask carefully the nearby security camera dealer to help you know how to clean it better. C-Clear is a good example, which is a cleanser that helps to fill small scratches, prevent fog and make the glass look better. Note that, when choosing a security camera cleanser, make sure that it doesn’t remove the special coating on the lens.

**Note: Breath onto the lens is an alternative to using detergents for your security camera. Gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth with moderate moisture to remove dirt. Remember that this cannot be cleaned with a specialized detergent.

Hardware cleaning

Hardware Cleaning

  • Clean the outside of the case, the recorder.
  • Check cooling devices such as source, CPU fan to ensure stable operation.
  • Clean the camera wiring system, check whether there are items or rat bites. If so, replace it with a new wiring system.
  • Check the BNC jacks of the signal wires, make sure that the devices are securely connected.

Handling software errors and data

  • Proceed to handle software errors for customers if any.
  • Add or change settings to suit customer requirements.
  • Instructions on how to back up data to backup devices.
  • Check the camera system and hand over to customers.

Clean Dust from DVR Recorder

From time to time, your recorder may appear a layer of dust if you do not clean it regularly, this may affect the performance of the recorder.

So, you should always use a small brush to clean the recorder. With grooves that are difficult to clean, use compressed air to remove dirt.

Check Power Supply

Regularly checking the system’s power supply will ensure that your system will not lose power due to tampering, storms or some other unexpected incidents. If you have a UPS, make sure the battery is fully charged, and do not display any warning lights.

You should also use a Voltmeter to make sure your camera is working properly with the required power source. Providing a camera with a source that is too large or too small can cause your device to function incorrectly and inefficiently. And replacing a source is much cheaper than replacing a camera.


  • Instructions on how to use the system properly and proceed with acceptance is a necessary step for users to use for a long time.
  • In order for the CCTV system to operate stably, without incidents, prolong the life … then you need to perform cleaning every 3-6 months.

Security cameras are gradually gaining popularity and replacing guardians in securing an area.

The eyes of people who look too much without taking care of them will be nearsighted, like that, security cameras ‘eyes’ if not carefully cleaned will have limited visibility.

Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of security cameras is an essential and periodic thing.

Final Thought

Above is the camera cleaning process is simple and fast. Hopefully, the information we share will help you gain more knowledge to use the camera system effectively in a long-term period.

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