How To Prevent Your Wireless Security Camera System From Being Hacked


As wireless security camera technology is getting better, more people choose it to protect their property and family. With this kind of wireless equipment, there is no need for you to deal with tangled wires, and you can even watch your recorded videos remotely.

However, these wireless surveillance systems are more vulnerable to hackers than wired counterparts. In this post, we’ll reveal you top 10 tips to secure your wireless security surveillance camera system and prevent it from being hacked.

Top 10 tips to secure your security camera system

  • Set a strong password

How To Prevent Your Wireless Security Camera System From Being HackedMost security camera systems come with password protection. You can easily set up a password in the configuration setting. The point here is how to choose a password that is strong enough to prevent any criminal trying to access your system.

Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Use a long password, at least 8 characters
  • The password must be a combination of letters, digits, and special symbols (if the system allows). The letters can be both uppercase and lowercase.
  • Never use an easy-to-guess password like your name, phone number, birthday, or address.

If you want to know how strong your password is, you can check its strength using an online password checker. In general, the more complex, the better. But don’t make it too complex because the chance of forgetting your password will be higher, too.

One more thing: Change the password regularly. This might be unnecessary for many users, but if your house or store is at high risk of theft, you will find it helpful.

  • Encrypt your wireless system

This is crucial if your system is wireless. Encryption will prevent eavesdroppers from connecting to your system and access your video feeds. The best protocol for wireless encryption so far is WPA2 which is supported by most systems.

  • Update your system’s firmware regularly

Every security system is pre-installed with firmware from the manufacturer. And there always exist a few weaknesses with this firmware. That’s why the manufacturer periodically updates their firmware or releases new versions of the firmware to improve weaknesses, fix bugs and enhance product performance.

As a user, make sure you are always using an up-to-date update. You might need to visit the manufacturer’s website right now to see if they have new updates available.

How To Prevent Your Wireless Security Camera System From Being Hacked

  • Choose a reliable brand and source to buy your security surveillance system

Just go to the Internet, you will see a variety of stores selling security camera systems. You’ll also see dozens of brands, whose you know and whose you’ve ever heard before.

Therefore, it’s necessary for you to conduct a thorough research on where to buy and which brand to choose. Also, read online reviews from the customer; they’re really the great source for your reference. Last but not least, pick up a brand with its own database and Cloud service.

Gw security, Lorex, Arlo, Reolink

  • Avoid purchasing used security systems

The risk of using used security hardware is high. When you get a second-hand security device (even when it still looks very new), you cannot be sure whether the device is unauthorized made and who has previously accessed it. Also, the system may be implanted with another equipment used for disabling the system or infringing your privacy, or malware pre-installed to steal your information.

  • Install a firewall or antivirus software

These pieces of security software are really important to keep your wireless camera system safe from the crime and theft. A Firewall will block unauthorized people from remotely accessing and taking control over the central control device or the computer which your cameras are connected to. An antivirus software will help recognize, block and delete malware, spyware or virus that could be monitoring your login credentials. Also, make sure your Firewall and antivirus software are updated.

  • Place your cameras on where they should be

When it comes to where to place a camera for both privacy and security, there are two things to consider.

Firstly, there are some parts of your house that you should not place your cameras in. Private areas, like the bedroom or bathroom, are where most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable being seen by other people. So, keep your cameras out of these places to keep your embarrassing footages safe.

Finally, never install your cameras where they will be easily accessible to prevent them from being disabled or stolen. So, you will need to mount your cameras high up, but make sure they’re not too high or exposed to the weather.

  • Avoid access your feed on unsecured Wifi networks

All of your effort for protecting your system could become useless if you transmit the log-in credentials of your system over an insecure network. Some untrusted Wifi networks include those of your neighbors, coffee shops, offices and other public places.

How To Prevent Your Wireless Security Camera System From Being Hacked

Briefly, just stream your home security camera system on a network that you know and trust, like your home connection or mobile phone provider.

  • Create a guest account for other people

Ideally, you should be the only one who can log into your system. But if you have to share the permission to access your system with other people, make sure you create a guest account for them to use. Your admin account has many authorities and priorities about your system reconfiguration, but a guest account has none of them. It can only see and leave.

  • Limit devices with access

If you don’t have much demand for sharing the access to other devices, limit it to two trusted devices only (including yours). This way, you will have the better control over your whole system. The fewer points of access, the more secure you will have.

Other things to know about security camera systems

  • How to tell if your security camera system has been hacked

There are some indicators showing whether your security camera system has been hacked or not. Here are some of them:

  • You hear strange voices or noises coming from the built-in speaker of your security camera system.
  • Your camera rotates and seems to follow your movements in the room.
  • The LEDs on your camera randomly blink, and you didn’t activate or disable them.
  • What to do if your security camera has been hacked

If you’re sure (or guess) that your wireless security camera system has been hacked, you will need to update its firmware and contact your security company as soon as possible. This way, you’re trying to correct the problem and secure the vulnerability.


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