How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system?

-When you are on vacation, you may want to access your CCTV digital video recorder on your Android device, iPad or iPhone or any other mobile device. I will show you how to access the CCTV DVR outside your network. You can see the live feed of any camera that you have installed while you are in your hotel room when you travel with your family.

-Here are the steps you will take to configure it assuming that you have configured your DVR and connected to your home network or local area network. This is done by attaching one end of the Ethernet cable to its port at the back of your DVR and the other end at your router.

Configuring the CCTV DVR System

-When you have connected your CCTV DVR to your network, access it by either connecting a monitor, mouse, and keyboard or a computer. I will demonstrate the process using a computer. When setting it up for the first time, you will need to connect a monitor, keyboard and a mouse.

• Assign a local IP address to your CCTV system
• Input the media port to access it
• Input the username and password
• When you have input everything correctly, click on login.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system

-You will see remotely all the cameras you have installed. At this time, you will still be in your house. Now you will configure it in a way that you can access it via a mobile device outside your network while you are on your holiday trip to Vietnam.

• Click on remote settings which maybe it’s different on your CCTV DVR system.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system
• Click on the network first then assign an IP address depending on your main router’s network.
• Assign the DNS
• Enable UPnP. It is important that you enable UPnP
• Input the media port
• Input the netmask.
• Input the default gateway, which is your router’s LAN IP address. It is the inside IP address of your router.
• On the bandwidth drop down menu, select the maximum bandwidth.
• Input the mobile port. This port is provided by the manufacturer and comes as a default. However, you can assign any value and note the value that you have put. It is recommended to use the default port.
• On the web port, assign any value that you want.
• When all the details are correct, click on apply.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system
• Click on the system so that you can add users. You can add as many accounts as your CCTV DVR allows and give access to anyone you want such as your girlfriend, wife, parents or any other person. If you want to create a new account, click on the user, enable it, and input a username and a password that you can remember. Select all the permissions that you want the user to access. It could be the display, record, network, video search, alarm etc. You can limit the user to some functions or allow full access.
• When you have created the user, you can assign the password if you want and confirm the password.
• Click on apply

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system

Configuring the Router

When you have configured all these settings, you have to configure your router such that your router can forward your data to your CCTV DVR and back your mobile device. We have to open some ports such that when data come from a network outside your home network, it is forwarded to your CCTV DVR system. Let’s look at how you can do that.
• Open your browser and log on to your router
• Navigate to advance settings then go to security to find port forwarding settings. These settings could be under a different tab or menu depending on your router. Click on port forwarding. You will see ‘add rule.’ You will have to open three ports.
• Input the local IP address which is the local IP address of your CCTV DVR system
• On the local start and end port, external start and end port, input the mobile port that you had assigned in when configuring DVR settings.
• On the protocol drop down menu, you have TCP, UDP and BOTH. Select both.
• Enable and click on add. This adds the rule and therefore, it allows you to view your CCTV DVR on your mobile device.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system

Configuring your Mobile Device

-At this point, you are done configuring the setting on your computer. What follows now involves, configuring settings on your mobile device. In this demonstration, I will explain using an Android phone. Here are the steps to follow;

• The first step is finding the public IP address. Go to Google and search “my public IP address” and press enter. Do this when you are connected to your home network. You will get your IP address. Copy this address.
• Open Swannview app on your Android device or any other app you are using.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system
• Go to settings tab and name the device. You can input any name you want.
• On the address, input the public IP address that you had copied from Google.
• Input the mobile port that you had opened for port forwarding.
• Enter the username and the password of the user account you had created.
• Select maximum channels and click okay.

How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system

-You will be able to view a live feed of your home area where there is CCTV from your hotel room and you can enjoy your vacation knowing your home is okay.

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