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When most people think of security systems, their minds quickly produces the image of cameras placed in strategic locations in a building. But cameras are not the only components of a fully functioning security system. There are Surveillance Camera accessories that are handy for the provision of absolute security in your homes and business. is a security expert and reviewer of security apparatus. Take a look at some of the security accessories we recommend used.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Security Accessories DVR
Security Accessories NVR

The DVR and NVR are more like essential security apparatus rather than just accessories. They are both used to facilitate the viewing of multiples camera feeds, keeping stock of security footage and making it easy to configure your system. In the past, NVRs were used only for IP cameras. The camera captured footage and sent it to the NVR for processing. The DVR, on the other hand, used analog and HD over coax. In a DVR system, the camera and DVR are matched together with a cat 5/6 cable. The DVR system’s footage is managed by the DVR itself, and not the camera. This was regarded as what was acceptable in the CCTV world for years.

Camera Cables

Whether you are attempting to overhaul your entire security system or trying to set up a new one, the place of cables cannot be overemphasized. Cables are one group of surveillance system accessories that cannot be overlooked. We have several types of cables which we recommend for a fully optimized security system.

-HDMI: Fully known as High Definition Multimedia Interface, the HDMI is used for connecting a security system to a television or computer monitor. With a good HDMI, you can see a clear live or recorded security footage with great audio quality. We have HDMIs from 3 feet up to 50 feet in stock. If you would likewise like to display footage from one recorder to several monitors, we also offer an HDMI 1 to 4 output splitter that works perfectly well with all your systems.

-BNC: BNC cables are handy for connecting the camera to whichever recorder you are using for your system. You can likewise use it to connect these units to a power source. The wiring for this consists of a basic coaxial cable with a BNC connector at its rear. BNC connectors are a common type of Radio Frequency (RF) connector. The BNC cables we distribute work seamlessly with most analog and HD systems. We have BNC cables from lengths of 6 foot to 150 long spools.

-Cat 5e/Cat 6e: Both types of cables are network Ethernet cables used as generally universal connection cables. Used with network enabled systems, Cat cables can also be used to connect IP cameras to DVRs, NVRs, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches. You can purchase Cat 5e and Cat 6e cables in a variety of colors and in bulk with us.

-Siamese: These cables provide power and video to your cameras for a single run. It is the perfect option for simplicity and easy installation. It consists pf the RG59 coax cable which supplies video capabilities and an 18 gauge 2 wire for power transmission. Siamese cables give your security system the most professional look and will impress any customer with its fast installation and clean look.

Camera mounts

Truth be told, the amount is not necessary to mount every camera. It comes handy in several contexts, however. A camera mount will give a clean and professional look when wire cannot be hidden out of sight or when it is proving difficult to run a cable through brick or concrete walls.

Recorder Lockbox

It simply does what its name implies, to keep your recorder out of the reach of vandals and thieves. It also does a fine job of keeping users with unauthorized access out of your security system. Even though DVRs and NVRs come with a cooling fan installed, the recorder lockboxes at will help to keep your unit cool especially in a hot environment like an attic.

At, we understand the premium value you have placed on security, recorder, and surveillance system accessories provider. Whether you are a first time user of security systems or a full-time CCTV expert, you can be assured we have got your back with our free tech support and high competitive rates. Whatever it is you need, we will supply it. That’s a promise.


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