Top 10 Signs of an Outdated Camera Surveillance System

Along with human evolution, technology is always changing for the better. One technology that is setting the trend today may soon become outdated tomorrow. Like all technologies, developers have always been trying to come up with numerous innovations of commercial camera surveillance systems, which widens the gap between getting your properties secured or not. Take a look at some signs of an outdated camera surveillance system as follows.

Some identification features outdated camera surveillance system

1. Grainy Footage

It is clear that your security cameras are useless if they are unable to provide identifiable footage. Thus, producers are always striving to improve image resolution, especially for those used in the security field. High-definition picture technology, especially 4K Ultra HD surveillance system, has made grainy footage become things of the past. In the early days of security systems, users had to strain their eyes hard to figure out what’s happening in the camera recordings. This proves rather difficult to identify criminals or break-in clues, particularly in the darkness.

However, nowadays, the equipment of HD resolution facilitates security systems zoom into the finer details, including vehicles’ license plate number and distinctive facial features regardless of day or night.  

2. No Remote Access

The Internet of Things has brought everything together at your fingertips, including remote viewing. Thanks to mobile and web-based platforms, users are now able to access their live streaming video systems from diverse locations on Earth. They don’t need to sit still before the host computer’s screen to keep track of the whole area like these old days anymore. Thus, it would be out of fashion if you were still receiving phone calls once something abnormal arises.

Moreover, a 24/7 access to the overview of your business premises helps you monitor customer traffic, supervise employee efficiency and draw out contingency plans for freak weather patterns.

3. Wired Technology

Outdated security systems are normally wired, which uses numerous cables for power charging and signal transmission. This turns out rather cumbersome, inconvenient, and more importantly, appealing to professional burglars.

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Wireless models have been invented to deal with those nuisances. They make remote system management possible while being able to integrate with smart home functionality. Even wire-free security cameras are now available for outdoor uses that are immune to vandalism and natural disasters. It is clear that wireless technology will pave the way for a more convenient future.

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4. No Automatic Upgrade Function

Older surveillance systems are not designed to upgrade their software on a frequent basis while manufacturers usually release updated versions with more innovations. Thus, keeping the old model is equivalent to running high risks of investing in a more advanced once you need innovative applications. The purchase of a system that allows for upgrades is believed to keep your security system constantly updated with the trend and fix any potential security bugs.

5. Closed Platform

Having a closed security system means being confined to a certain service provider, whose products may not be compatible with the latest technology. When it comes to surveillance needs, the idea of mixing diverse software and cameras turns out the most sensible and beneficial for your system in the long run.

A surveillance system is inclined to gradually develop to serve various organizational demands, ranging from ensuring security to working efficiency. In this case, an open system that is suitable for different types of cameras would come in handy. Moreover, it is advisable that your system accept different analytic software and management systems for enhanced surveillance quality.

6. No Interactive Audio Capabilities

The sole ability of some outdated surveillance systems may be keeping criminal activities under control, which is not strict enough to issue warnings. Whereas, modern systems can involve skilled security experts who monitor your cameras by means of advanced software. Upon spotting abnormal signs, they can communicate with suspicious people to inform them that they are being watched. Such security systems can even threaten to notify police if potential intruders refuse to leave. This proves of much help in proactively preventing crimes right before they actually happen.


7. No Analytical Function

Are you only receiving precise recordings of daily activities in the controlled area? If the answer is yes, it’s time to consider getting rid of your security system. Modern systems are acknowledged for their superiority to former models in offering camera-based analytics to users, giving details about where and when people are going at your lot. As an entrepreneur, you can use this precious data to devise suitable marketing and staffing plans in order to increase business profits.

8. No Expansion Capacity

Old designs don’t allow for security systems’ expansion to deal with growing demands. Instead of having to change shots or angles yourself, it is feasible to add extra cameras and monitoring devices to modern models. Most modern re equipped with multiple channels that accept diverse types of cameras. Therefore, you can be saved a lot of expenses for the purchase of a brand new system.

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9. Security DVR

It is good to have a security DVR, but safety measures shouldn’t be only designed to record and review videos.  It would be too late to pin down suspects if you watch a criminal recording after it happens. Nothing can be promptly done to prevent damages or losses at that time. Thus, instead of being used alone, a DVD is best used as a complement to other intelligent tactics such as interactive audio capabilities.

10. Unawareness of System Breakdown

Like any technological devices, all camera systems are susceptible to wear and tear; therefore, it makes sense that they are in dire need of frequent service. Modern IP based systems facilitate active pinging and monitoring while promptly informing you of malfunctions. They can also activate the “self-heal” mode that includes remote service and automatic reboots.  This shows a stark contrast with old systems, which already collapse before you may find out.


Generally speaking, if you run into trouble with any signs of an outdated security camera system, then it’s time to upgrade it. Keeping to an outdated camera surveillance system model will cost you both money and time, resulting in inconveniences for lack of the latest applications. Thus, going for more advanced systems instead is highly recommended in the sense that it enhances security capacity and job efficiency.

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