Top 6 Secret Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Surveillance Camera Can Do


Surveillance camera systems are well-known for their wonderful capacity of keeping properties under proper control and minimizing risks of break-ins or vandalism. Aside from these obvious benefits, there are some other minor yet helpful benefits that a CCTV system can bring to its users. Go on reading to find out more about these secret tricks as follows.

Top 6 Security Surveillance Camera Tricks You Might Not Know

Receive Emergency Medical Assistance

Top 6 Secret Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Surveillance Camera Can Do

Due to their old age and health degradation, seniors especially those living alone and not having a clean bill of health may suffer from sudden health problems with no companion by their side. This is extremely dangerous if there isn’t immediate medical assistance.

Understanding this critical need, manufacturers in the security industry have equipped camera systems with medical alert pendants or emergency pulls. The elderly just has to press a button or pull a cord to ask for help, and then the emergency team will instantly arrive on their doorsteps and provide necessary treatment.

Protect Your Household from Hazards

There is a growing number of residential house fire cases occurring year after year, posing substantial damages to human lives and properties. It is imperative that household owners apply essential precaution measures to prevent similar incidents from happening. The installation of a security system can be an effective solution in this sense. In addition to its main function of surveillance, heat detectors are integrated into the latest models to check if a fire is going to break out in your area. Afterward, it will alert users about any change in heat by sending emails or SMS to their mobile phone so that they can avoid further damages caused by fire.

In addition, there are security cameras system offering carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas emitted by burning wood, heating systems, or stoves. Once the level of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere increases above the allowed threshold, it can cause poisoning to people staying around. In the worst scenarios, this is likely to result in regretful deaths. However, with carbon monoxide detectors, you will be timely notified to get out of the affected zone.

The sight of frozen pipes is relatively common in cold winters, when the temperature often plunges below zero degree Celsius, making heating systems go wrong. Such incidents can be prevented with the help of low-temperature sensors that are available in some surveillance systems. You are placed on full alert so that whenever the temperature sinks under a certain point, you will be informed in advance to apply necessary protection measures to those pipes.

Top 6 Secret Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Surveillance Camera Can Do

This water sensor is also able to issue early warnings about possible flooding perils, including leaking roofs, plumbing problems, inundated basements, and so on. You tend to keep everything under control before they go too far beyond repair.

Frighten Away Wild Animals

As a gardening lover, you can run high risks of being troubled by squirrels, raccoons, and other pests that presumptuously eat your produce like tomatoes or walnuts. Because you don’t have enough free time to supervise your garden all day and night long, a surveillance camera with smart motion detection can make a perfect replacement for your presence.

Smart motion detection works on the basis of sensing abrupt changes in the pixel, background modeling or motion vectors. This function is designed to set off a sound alarm once it detects any sign of trespass on your land, thereby scaring off those culprits and putting you at great ease.

If massive colonies of ants or termites often invade your room at night, don’t be worried. Try taking turns to set up a night vision security camera in a new location each night. Therefore, you can locate the source of those bugs and wipe them off all at once.

Wake Up Children

Waking up kids for school seems to be among splitting headaches facing parents every morning. With the advent of advanced technologies, daily struggles with them have become things of the past. Instead, modern security surveillance cameras can take charge of that challenging mission for you. They can send an alarm to your children at the wake-up time which is set before. Alternatively, the two-way talk feature is available to create a verbal wake-up call whenever the clock strikes the right time.

Get Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Customers are inclined to hesitate over the purchase of a security surveillance system because of its relatively high cost, but they are ignorant of the favorable aspects that such cameras can bring in the long run.

These days, having homeowner’s insurance is often considered as an obligatory criterion. Insurance companies normally offer clients a discount of between 10% and 20% as long as they have already installed a security camera system on their property. The specific number depends on the features of the system, insurance agencies, coverage policy, etc. that you can find out online.

Save Electricity Bills

Moreover, when it comes to electricity management, almost every home security surveillance system provides services which enable users to control temperature, lighting, and several other appliances in your home. Sometimes you forget to switch off the lights before leaving home in haste, but your appliances can do it for you with remote control. As a result, you can be saved from running up huge electricity bills monthly.

If you intend to sell your house later, then getting an alarm system installed is a long-term investment. Such a system can boost the resale value, making up for the considerable expense of buying one while setting it apart from other real estate on the market.


With unceasing attempts, security surveillance cameras promise to bring more and more conveniences at your fingertips: medical care, protection against natural disasters or household incidents, children wake-up, and many more. Let’s the advanced technology do your job while you can save time to enjoy the comfort of life.

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