Top 6 Trends in Surveillance Camera Systems That Will Shape Future

The security surveillance system has always been an effective tool in supporting property owners’ battle against theft and vandalism. Confronted with the increasing sophistication of criminal acts, manufacturers are focusing their attention on innovating available models with high-tech applications. Go on reading to explore the 2018 trends in surveillance camera systems that will shape our future!  

1. Deep Learning

The world is approaching the peak stage of deep and machine learning architectures. With a huge load of data on hand, the processing power is available to analyze it within reasonable timeframes and complicated algorithms. When it comes to deep learning, its application is often linked with such fields like image interpretation, decision support, and speech recognition. However, producers have recently developed the deep learning’s potential for analytics in the security sector.

On a small scale, deep learning helps enhance the efficiency of video motion detection, facial recognition, false alarm suppression, and individual tracking. Besides, it lends support to system design, optimization, configuration, and device management. In particular, advancements in artificial intelligence have boosted the flourishing of vision-based applications. A computer vision algorithm is able to detect moving objects or distinct facial features in the scene.

Top 6 Trends in Surveillance Camera Systems That Will Shape 2018

Along with the evolution of applications, predictive analytics will possibly become feasible, resulting in an improvement in the capability of incident prevention. You can always get prepared for slip and fall accidents, traffic issues, shoplifting, and even terrorism; thereby taking necessary precaution measures to minimize damages. For example, search-engine applications are now equipped with deep learning face-recognition algorithms so that missing people can be found more quickly from video footage.

Considering the massive demands for processing power, it makes sense that you can expect the future of an autonomous system as a breakthrough for deep learning.

2. Two-Way Talk

One of the most popular conveniences applied in security systems this year is that they can talk. In other words, cameras offer a medium through which users can interact with each other. For parents and pet owners, this trend is becoming more and more favored in the sense that they desire to talk with their children or pets remotely.

Once spotting the sight of your furry friend scratching your favorite sofa on the camera’s screen, you can reprimand him instantly without being physically present there. This is now possible with the help of a speaker embedded in that camera. The cat will be scared off doing so after hearing his owner’s voice. In some cases, you can use this two-way feature to frighten away intruders without approaching them in person. This means that you can protect your properties from faraway locations at any time.

3. Solar-Powered System

Businesses are often hesitant about the installation of a security camera system regarding that wire systems ask for laying cables, which are usually cumbersome and costly. In the meantime, wireless technology has changed the way people live and solar energy is abundant and applicable to various fields.

Top 6 Trends in Surveillance Camera Systems That Will Shape 2018

Trends in surveillance camera systems combine solar-sun

Rather than being powered by electricity cords, solar-run systems can greatly save costs of maintenance and replacement as well as reduce the time of installment. Solar-powered batteries used in security systems are well-known for their durability and constant operation. Thus, entrepreneurs can devote their precious time to running their business. This is especially helpful in case you want to expand into other areas or address a newly-identified threat quickly since relocating cameras is such a breeze.

4. Voice Control

In the era of the Internet of Things, every device in your “smart buildings” is connected to one another at the sound of your voice. The technology of voice control has facilitated the completely hands-free management of surveillance camera systems. People can do everything with their voice, such as switching cameras on, closing the garage door, locking up their houses and so on.  

5. Central Surveillance Platform

The idea of a central surveillance platform comes from the Xue Liang program, which has been launched in China over the past few years. It aims to connect every video security cameras set up in Chinese villages, towns, and districts to a single central surveillance platform on the county and national scale. Then, an extensive mechanism for video data sharing is issued across emergency services, law enforcement, and other government agencies. To deal with this new policy, traditional video surveillance vendors have to add cloud-enabled offerings and datacenter-ready hardware to their portfolios.  

This model is setting the trend for initiatives in the surveillance camera systems of 2018. If it is widely put into practice, customers will be able to enjoy the utmost prevention of their properties without fear of getting their confidential security data leaked or stolen.  At the same time, such connected systems operating with analytic tools can recommend proactive actions to tackle security issues.

6. Enhanced Child Safety Insurance

As a parent, your children’s security is definitely your number one priority. However, you can’t be with them all the time or run to them at once when they run into trouble. Don’t worry because an intelligent home security system is available to put you at your great ease no matter where you are.

Top 6 Trends in Surveillance Camera Systems That Will Shape 2018

In 2018, security vendors are researching integrating safety features particularly designed for children who stay at home alone without their working parents’ companion in gated communities. To be more specific, kids won’t be permitted to go out of their gated community or apartment complex without nannies’ digital validation. Their every move will be tracked down on an app that is accessible by their parents so that they can ensure their children’s safety from remote distances.

Besides, thanks to such app-based smart security surveillance system designed for gated communities, residents can gain an overall control over visitor authentication and validation from any location. More beneficially, these systems are free of capital investment and frequently updated to cope with rapid changes at the gate.   

CONCLUSION Top 6 Trends in Surveillance Camera Systems That Will Shape Future

The camera security industry in 2018 is heading for a lasting period of prosperity with numerous innovations. They all serve to help customers lead a better and more comfortable life. Along with advancements, the price range of surveillance camera systems is certain to be significantly lowered so that any household or business owner can get access to them. Let’s stay updated with the latest trends in surveillance camera systems to keep your properties perfectly secured all the time.

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