EZVIZ Security Systems Reviews

A Brief History of EZVIZ

EZVIZ is a company known for its affordable mini security camera that works flawlessly and has benefitted thousands of people out there who have unique security requirements. The company boasts a variety of surveillance systems that can be used at home or in a business establishment. EZVIZ is also renowned for providing a vandal-proof, all-weather, state-of-the-art outdoor/indoor surveillance package, which has all the functionalities and features of the top rated security systems available in today’s market.

The EZVIZ Product Line

The product line of EZVIZ Security Systems is vast. From household security systems to enterprise security solutions, you can be assured that there’s a security system that will meet your needs, regardless of how big or small your space is. Some of the products you can choose from with EZVIZ Security System are as follows:

  • EZVIZ Network Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • EZVIZ IP Camera with Alarm Detector
  • EZVIZ Network Indoor Dome Cameras
  • EZVIZ 4MP Surveillance (2K Surveillance – high resolution)
  • EZVIZ Mini (Child surveillance with audio)
  • EZVIZ Husky

Each product of EZVIZ is engineered with advanced technology and other useful features that are guaranteed to help you ensure security and safety at home or in your office space.

Strengths and Weakness of EZVIZ Security Systems

The sturdy and rugged design of EZVIZ security system makes it a perfect choice for 24/7 surveillance system, regardless if it is for indoor or outdoor use. EZVIZ security system outshines other security system brands when it comes to picture quality and video quality. When compared to low resolution and cheap models, the company ensures that their cameras are equipped with CMOS type image sensor that enables you to see each nook and cranny with good clarity even in low light condition.

EZVIZ security system can withstand harsh conditions from the outside elements including dust, heat, rain, and a level of vandal-proofing against trespassers and intruders. With this in mind, you can be assured that you will have reliable and long term service for several years.

EZVIZ security system has cameras that are equipped with night vision technology, enabling you to see through pitch dark. With this, the cameras can render vivid images up to a distance of 100ft while its infrared night vision camera enables you to see in total darkness even a distance of 65 ft. This feature is common in almost each high-end security camera.

The wide angled lens of the cameras of EZVIZ security system makes up Pan-Tilt-Zoom that covers a big area at the stationary angle. Paired with night vision capabilities, you will have 24/7 security system to watch on your precious belongings even when you are sound asleep.

What People Say about EZVIZ Security Systems

A lot of people who have purchased EZVIZ Security Systems are happy and satisfied with its performance and functionalities. It comes with a mobile that’s user-friendly and easy to use, allowing users to keep track of everything in their home or office space. Although some have concerns about the connectivity options of EZVIZ Security System, the technical support team of EZVIZ is very efficient at resolving issues immediately.

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