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Lorex's wide array of video surveillance systems and components are generally affordable and adaptable. With IP cameras and HD NVR and DVR systems, Lorex's products can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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A Brief History of the Company

Lorex is a company that has been around for a while. The motto of the company is ‘see your world’ and in accordance with this motto, they have been developing high-quality security systems for the people at large. The company runs its operations in the US, Canada, the UK and Mexico. The products manufactured by Lorex are available in about 9000 different stores across these countries. The headquarters of Lorex is at Markham, Ontario in Canada and their US headquarters is at Baltimore, Maryland. They are known to manufacture integrated (all – in – one) surveillance systems which can easily be installed and used. The company is publicly listed as well (LOX – TSX), which shows that they have a good reputation in the market.

The Lorex Product Line

Lorex as a company concentrates on making the best video surveillance systems and they do not make anything else at the moment. The three types of video surveillance systems which are manufactured by Lorex are as follows:

  • Wireless Surveillance Systems
  • Wired Surveillance Systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Surveillance Systems
  • Business Surveillance Systems
  • Home Surveillance Systems
  • Hd Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor Surveillance Systems
  • Baby Monitors
  • Pet Monitoring Camera

The systems they develop also include built – in OS and many other features which are of immense benefit to the customers.

Some Strengths and Weaknesses of Lorex Security Systems

The main strength of the Lorex security cameras is the quality of the cameras which can record every minute detail and provide you with high quality surveillance videos. Another aspect of these security systems, which is praised by people, is that it is very easy to install and use them. The installation guide provided with the products gives all the required information about installing these systems. The biggest drawback of Lorex security systems is that they are quite expensive compared to other security systems available in the market. Also, customers have complained about the fact that their customer support / technical support is not up to the mark as people normally do not get answers to their queries or resolutions for their problems, from the support team.

What Customers Have To Say about Lorex Security Systems

The Lorex security systems which are available on the internet have received very good and positive reviews from all the customers. One reviewer talks about the award winning Lorex LW2702 wireless system and says that it is the perfect solution for all types of video surveillance needs, both for home and for small offices. He also states that he was impressed by the quality of the recording, the graphics and the reception of the cameras.

Many of the reviewers, who have used and reviewed different Lorex security systems, have praised the fact that unlike most other security systems available in the market, the security systems from Lorex security cameras are very easy to install and use. Besides, people have also stated that these surveillance systems ideal for the purpose of baby monitoring as the multiple cameras can be installed in different rooms of the house.

Even though the Lorex security systems are comparatively expensive, people have said that they truly are worth every penny spent.


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