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Reolink started up in 2009, and ever since then, Reolink been devoted to creating the finest security products for consumers and business owners. First product of Reolink was launched in July, 2009, which received rave reviews from customers who are sensitive to both quality and service. Until now, Reolink has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world.


What is Reolink? A Brief History of Reolink Brand

Established in the year 2009, Reolink is considered as the leading supplier and manufacturer of affordable, high quality, and user-friendly home security camera system. Offering a broad variety of HD IP camera as well as network video recorder devices, Reolink security systems are made with plug and play DIY security system installation to provide homeowners with straightforward, intelligent, and reliable home security solutions.
The company works with the expert team of R&D professionals to develop the security solutions that are easy to install without technical expertise with accurate HD cameras that contain different smart sensors to detect suspicious activities, home invasions, and intruders.

The Reolink Product Line

Reolink also offers 2 different kinds of camera systems and these include Power over Ethernet (PoE cameras) and WiFi cameras. Both of these camera systems offered by brand Reolink connect to DVR or Network Video Recorder, which serves as a base station for cameras to store and record footage collected by different cameras. They also employ the same quality camera hardware.

Reolink’s NVR base station is designed to manage their PoE camera solutions that contain a three-terabyte hard drive, giving continuous 24hr recording, 7 days a week. The users can alternate between continuous motion triggered or recording even to save hard drive space that allows longer recording. Supporting up to sixteen cameras at once, the NVR of Reolink may be expanded with external hard disk up to 4TB.

Some products:

  • PoE IP Camera: with PoE available for easy setup and zero configurations, PoE IP cameras offer a 4-megapixel Super HD video quality for viewing what you care anywhere anytime.
  • WiFi IP Camera: dual mode WiFi enables IP cameras a stable network condition.
  • PoE NVR Kit: Combines IP cameras and network video recorder (NVR) to allow viewing images with a resolution of 1440P HD, and recording the video in the inbuilt HDD.
  • Wireless NVR Kit: with stable WiFi connection and HD video quality, this WiFi network video record system will help watch over what you care and alarm you when something is up.
  • Standalone PoE NVR: supports reliable and unfailing 24/7 live video recording, for later playback. It works perfectly with all Reolink 2k PoE IP cameras.
  • Solar Powered Security Camera: 100% wire free. Using solar energy and connect wifi signal to nvr.

Strengths and Weaknesses of REOLINK Security System

The cameras of Reolink security systems require zero configuration. All you have to do is to install the camera in your preferred area and connect them through the Ethernet and you can start recording. Both WiFi and PoE camera systems offered by Reolink provide unparalleled user interactivity via a custom Reolink app. Available for both Android and iOS in app form and through a browser app or desktop app, the users can remotely or locally access security system. The app of Reolink offers functionality including capture footage review, video streaming, live capture to mobile devices, multi-channels viewing anytime, and schedule video recording.
The users of Reolink app can manage the capture settings of their security systems and get push notifications once motion events happen, Reolink security system may even be configured to video clips or email photos up to thirty seconds in length directly to homeowners once there’s motion detected.

What People Say about Brand Reolink

Reolink security system is available through Reolink website and different online retailers. The basic WIFI IP camera systems of Reolink are very affordable and if you are looking for a standalone, with or without wires, and easy to configure outdoor or indoor home security systems that offer remote surveillance no matter what the lighting condition, Reolink is a competitively priced and excellent solution to improve your security at home or at office.

Although some say that the security systems of Reolink are a cheap security system, they are still worth it and will surely level up your security experience.

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  • Plug Play PoE Camera System–Simple PoE connection, just plug the security camera to the NVR. So easy set up even for a beginner. Cameras can run up to 270ft via CAT5 or 330ft via CAT6 Ethernet cable.
  • Built-in 3TB security grade Hard Drive– Support 16 channels simultaneously recording. Secure your home business indoors outdoors 24×7. Motion triggered recording is also supported. NVR can be set to automatically overwrite the oldest footage or you can export those video files via an USB drive.
  • 4MP Super HD and Vivid Night Vision– Get magnificent images,videos with 1440p cameras day or night. Advanced automatic IR-cut filter can capture night vision up to 100ft in darkness. See all objects clearly and leave no questions.
  • Remote Access From Anywhere Anytime– The free App “Reolink” allows you add unlimited quantity of Reolink cameras, you can remotely view all of your cameras in one App, check in on your home or business whenever and wherever. Live View and playback on smart devices (iPhone, Android ,Ipad) with WiFi or 2G,3G,4G Anywhere Anytime.
  • 2 Years Warranty–30 days money back guarantee, 2 years quality warranty, life time Tech Support. we will replace your products on manufacture’s defects within 2 years.

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